Godolphin Shield
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Dedicated to:  Capt. Robert Richard Clay MC,   Capt. Vivian Hastings Clay,
& Brig. Gen. Frank Graham Marsh CMG DSO

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Inspired by, and complementing the work of, Brig. Gen. Frank Graham Marsh CMG DSO
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Godolphin SHield
Webmaster's Link Site:  www.grifd.com
St. Paul's, Market Bosworth
St. Paul's,
Market Bosworth

St. George
Hanover Square
Vivian's MI
Memorial To Capt Vivian Hastings Clay
Fovant Parish Church

St. Mary, Easton St. Mary Easton, Hants
St. Mary, Easton,

St. Canice, Finglas
St. Canice, Finglas

St. Anne, Soho Square
St. Anne, Soho Square
St. John Hampstead
St. John Hampstead

Uncle Dick's Medals R. R. Clay's Mess Medals
Capt. Robert Richard Clay - Medals - Mess Set

Chiswick Parish Church St. NIcholas, Chiswick St. Nicholas, Chiswick
St. Nicholas, Chiswick
Gt. St. Mary, Cambs
Gt. St. Mary Cambridge Gt. St. Mary, Cambridge, Interior Great St. Mary Cambridge St./ Nicholas, Chiswick
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East Coulston St Pauls Market Bosworth St. Anne, Soho Square R.R. Clay MC's Medals St. Anne, Soho Square East Coulston, Parish CHurch St. Geroge's Hanover Sq. Finglas, Parish Church, Dublin

Vivian's Memorial, Fovant

St. John, Hampstead