Godolphin Shield

Dedicated to Capt. Robert Richard Clay MC, Capt. Vivian Hastings Clay
& Brig. Gen. Frank Graham Marsh CMG DSO

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Inspired by, and complementing the work of, Brig. Gen. Frank Graham Marsh CMG DSO
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Godolphin SHield
R.R. Clay MC
Capt Robert Richard Clay MC
Died 15 Sept 1963 Aged 82 years

Brig Gen Frank Graham Marsh
Brig. Gen. Frank Graham Marsh (1876-1957)
Author of "The Godolphins" 1930

Viv H Clay
Capt. Vivian Hastings Clay   KIA  5.30am 18 Oct 1916
His 24th Birthday - First Cousin of Robert RIchard Clay

R R Clay with George 6th
Capt. Robert Richard Clay - George VI

9th Gurkha Cap Badge
Brigadier Marsh's Regimental Badge

Vivian Reported Killed
Telegram - Vivian Reported Killed

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