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Early Cobbes, Swarraton, Bishop Bilson And
The Norton Family of East Tisted & Rotherfield - Timeline (1)

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Many  publications give the Cobbe lines back to Thomas Cobbe & Veriana Chaloner, but little has been found, to date, providing good and corroborative linkage from Thomas Cobbe to the Cobbe families of Swarraton, apart from the descendant tree, facing page 38, in Alec Cobbe’s “Clerics & Connoisseurs”, ISBN 1-85074-803-11.

Further, any history of the Cobb(e) family of Swarraton involving Richard Cobb(e) and his wife Honor/Honour Norton and their descendants, must also include the history of the Norton family of Rotherfield/East Tisted and the family of Thomas Bilson D.D., Bishop of Winchester. Therefore for the time being the following narratives must be considered temporary. Another complication is the surfeit of knights named Sir Richard Norton of Rotherfield/East Tisted , and elsewhere in Hampshire. What follows has been developed as a Time-Line style document already partially prepared by the webmaster and partially posted. Properly sourced and acknowledged additional and/or corrected information will continue to be posted as it becomes available

Information on the Swarraton Cobbe families is available: partly in the above publication1; and in the following:
 “Visitations to Hampshire 1530 through 1634”, Harleian MS 15442 ;
“A Brief History of the Parishes of Swarraton and Northington”, William L. W. Eyre, c18963 ;
“Swarraton – Baptisms 1584-1694, Some Marriages 1606-1616”, Hampshire Records Office, Winchester, Transcribed by E. Edwards 19844.
The Winchester Records Office has informed the webmaster that they do not have a similar transcription for the Parish Records of East Tisted.  

All of Ref: (4) are for Swarraton and all of Ref: (3) are Northington but could contain Swarraton Parish Entries. N.B. [ ----] indicates a comment by this writer. Alec Cobbe states that Honor Norton was sister to the Elizabeth Norton who married Francis Powlett. It is becoming clear that this is not the case, Honor was probably Elizabeth’s aunt. In the following, it appears that although Bishop Bilson has his surname spelt as either Bilsonn or Bilson, the correct spelling appears to be Bilson.


Thomas Bilson (1547-1616), later, pupil, Headmaster (to 1579) and Warden (1581-1596) of Winchester College. Then Bishop of Worcester (1596-1597) and   Bishop of Winchester (1597-1616).
Sir Richard Norton (2) of Rotherfield in East Tisted, knighted 1601 who married (1) Mabel Beecher, dau of Henry Beecher, Alderman and Haberdasher of London, 3rd February 1575. It is likely that Henry Beecher new Sir Wolstan Dixie, Alderman, Master of the Skinners Company, Lord Mayor of London and President of Christ's Hospital - part of the Burslem, Godolphin, Dixie, Beaumont and Hastings tree of the families of this Godolphins website. Sir Richard Norton (2)'s 2nd wife was Eilizabeth Capell widow of Humphrey Adderley of Weddington, Warwickshire.
Sir Richard Norton (2) suceeds his father, Sir Richard Norton (1)
1591/92 Feb 26 Thomas s. of Doctor Bilson, Prebendary bap at St. Swithun-Upon-Kingsgate, Winchester. Also known as St. Swithins, Winchester. This Thomas Bilson was brother of Amy Bilson.
1593 Nov 21 Amy d. of Doctor Bilson, Prebendary, bap at St. Swithun-Upon-Upon-Kingsgate, Winchester. Also known as St. Swithins, Winchester. This Amy Bilson became wife of Sir Richard Norton of Rotherfield and mother of Honour/Honor Norton, later wife of Richard Cobb(e), at one time of the Grange, Swarraton
son of Sir Richard Norton & his wife Elizabeth baptised
Thomas Bilson, Bishop of Winchester, gave the sermon at the Coronation of King James VI of Scotland as King James I of England. Whilst partly conceding the Divine Right of Kings, it included a caveat to the “lawful resistance to the monarch”. A theme from his 1585 book.

Rychard COBB the sonne of Thomas COBB of the Grange was baptized the 16 day of Januarie in the year above sayde. This "Richard Cobb" could have been the Richard who married Honor Norton and had Catherine Owen as mother, sister of John Owen, Bishop of St. Asaph. Their descendants simply cannot seem to get away from their Welsh roots.

Thomas Cobb was b. [buried - GGD] 11 March

This Sir Richard Norton who died shortly after making this will, refers to : His …loving wife Lady Elizabeth; Sir Richard the Younger his sonne & hare;  his second sonne Thomas Norton; his youngest sonne John Norton; his brother John Norton; his daughter Catherine Norton leaving her £2000 in lawful English money and his daughter Elizabeth Antrobus leaving her £10 of lawful English money. He also mentions his brother Henry Norton.  We can reasonably conclude that this Sir Richard is the one who had as his first wife Mabel Beecher mother of the next Sir Richard Norton (3) who married Amy Bilson.

This Sir Richard Norton (2), who died and was buried at East Tisted 1611 would have been father-in-law to Amy Bilson and grandfather to Honour/Honor Norton. Her grandmother would have been this Sir Richard Norton’s first wife Mabel Beecher. They were married at East Tisted in 1575.
At the moment, this date is an estimate based on the birth of Honour Norton in 1615, see below. There is no record of the marriage at Winchester Cathedral an obvious possibility as her father, Thomas Bilson, was Bishop there. Neither is there an entry for the marriage at St. Swithin's.
Honour/Honor Norton daughter of Richard Norton of East Tisted baptised on this date. Honour/Honor would later marry Richard Cobb(e) of the Grange, Swarraton, but after it was sold to the Powlett family. Their son Thomas Cobbe would marry Vereana/Veriana Chaloner daughter of James Chaloner the Regicide. Their three sons were, Richard Chaloner Cobbe (1), Lt. Col. in Hawley's Foot, later the 33rd Foot; William, also in Hawley's Foot and Charles, Lord Archbishop of Dublin who maintained close contact with the Powlett family in the guise of, Lord Charles Powlett, the 2nd Duke of Bolton.
Owen, s. of Thos. Cobb, Gent., and Catherine his wife [date  not given - GGD]
John Norton, son of Richard Norton and Amy Bilson of Rotherfield. He married Dorothy March before 1670. Dorothy died before 25th Nov 1703 and John died 9th January 1686/87. It is likely that they were both buried at St. James, East Tisted.

Thomas Cobbe the sonne of Mychaell COBBE of the Grange Esquire and Jane his wife was baptized the seconde Day of November a.p. [a.p. is assumed to be the clerical who signed the register entry - GGD]

Catherine, wife of Thomas Cobb, of the Grange, Esq., [buried - GGD] March 27 - I recognise this Catherine Cobb as being Katherine/Catherine Owen, daughter of Owen Owen and half sister of John Owen, Bishop of St. Asaph.
Mabel Norton daughter of Sir Richard Norton and his wife Amy Bilson was born
Mabel Norton daughter  of Sir Richard Norton and his wife Amy Billson was christened at East Tisted.
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