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Lt. John Leigh Doyle Sturt (1811 - 1842)   -   Friend & Colleague of Rollo Gillespie Burslem
Son in Law of Major General Robert Sale   First Afghan War 1839 - 1842 - Page (1)
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1840 - 1842
Introduction: Lt. John Leigh Doyle Sturt of the Bengal Engineers was friend and, for sometime, colleague of Capt Rollo Gillespie Burslem of the 13th Foot, (later the Prince Albert's Own Somerset Light Infantry). During 1840 he was tasked with surveying the passes of the Hindu Koosh and was accompanied in this by Rollo. Sadly, during the retreat from Kabul to Jellalabad in January/February 1842 and despite a valiant attempt at his rescue he died from his wounds during that retreat, having been married to Robert Sale's daughter for less than a year. More about all of that later.
Rollo Gillespie Burslem, "A Peep into Toorkisthan", Pelham Richardson 1846 It can be downloaded from http://www.gutenberg.org If visiting Gutenburg, please use Browser Navigation Tools to Return Here
5th December 1811 John Leigh Doyle Sturt was born in Coombe Haye, Somerset, the eighth son of Thomas Lennox Napier Sturt and his wife Jannette. Two of the brothers were; Col. William Milner Neville Sturt, 43rd Native Infantry died at Shahjahanpur, 10th November 1855 and Captain Frederick St. John Sturt, died Meerut 21 May 1841 Stephen Lewis of
Private communications Nov 2004

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& Comment based on article at

1829 - 1832
He attended Addiscombe Military Academy a sister college of the Royal Military Academy at Woolwich and a forerunner of the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst. It was set up by the East India Company as a Military Academy and was responsible for the schooling of officers who would be serving in India, particularly in engineering and artillery, during the early/mid 19th century. It was opened in 1809 but closed in 1860, when the East India Company Army was taken over by the British Army following the Indian Mutiny - 1857. Addiscombe Place, dating from 1702, was a country house in Croydon. It was sold in 1809 to the British East India Company, when it became their Military Academy. It was sold in 1860 and shortly afterwards was demolished for development although a few of the buildings apparently remain to this day.
John Leigh Doyle Sturt is a Cadet
19th April 1833
Lt. Sturt arrived in India

Oct 1833

He was Posted to Sappers & Miners at Delhi
He Joined the Shekhawat Expedition - nothing known about that at the moment - sorry

24 Aug 1836 -
Sept 1838

Lt. Sturt became a 2nd Lieutenant. Doab Canals, became Assistant to the Superintendant
13th Jan 1837
Thomas Lenox Napier Sturt[Lt. Sturt's father] dies in Bolton-row, London - Late of Buckshaw-house, Dorset; younger brother to the late Charles Sturt, esq. M.P. Gentlemans Magazine, April 1837
28th Jan 1837
The Will of Thomas Lenox Napier Sturt is Proved in London. He leaves "to my son John Leigh Doyle Sturt £500" His brother Rev Napier Sturt fared a lot better with a lot more money and two Joshua Reynolds portraits of members of the family - a more accurate appraisal will be given when the handwriting of the will is properly deciphered.

National Archives, Kew, Will of Thomas Lenox Napier Sturt, Prob 11/1871, Image 431/386
20 May 1839
& 4 Oct 1839
Lt Sturt became a Lieutenant
Lt Sturt placed at the disposal of Shah Shujaby by the Envoy

Stephen Lewis of
Private communications Nov 2004
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