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Some Information about the development of this Site



Whilst the webmaster uses a 22 inch/1900 odd pixel screen he was concerned for viewers still using smaller screens, it was therefore decided to try and avoid horizontal scrolling, by catering for a variable screen size of some 100% of the VDU width.. It is hope that the effort was worth it and successful. Any comments gratefully received. As his wife, whose family history is the main reason for this website uses a smaller screen of some 1200 odd pixel width, it has been possible to test, to some extent, the auto-stretch or should it be, the auto shrink facility. Whilst it was intended that this web site should have been CSS based, the difficulty of an old dog learning self taught new tricks proved extremely difficult. Consequently, the writer returned to the technique he used on his www.17thwelsh.org.uk web. Viz:simply copying an existing page to a new title, removing existing text and replacing it with the appropriate text and image(s) appropriate to the new page.

This proved to be something of an error as the older www.17thwelsh.org.uk website was, actually, quite old in terms of website design.


The writer has attended an adult learning course at a local college here in Lancashire, UK, to learn how to use CSS properly. This has proved to be immensely worthwhile not only for an understanding of CSS but of such things as "DOCTYPE" and so on. External Style Sheets have been developed and the site is in process of being upgraded so that all pages use a common external style sheet.

Unfortunately, embedded styles have remained within pages to cause irritations during reconstruction of pages. particularly with the control of text. Removing styles has been quite an effort and is ongoing. Whilst the webmaster is also learning how to construct a web page with CSS, this has proved to be too much of a challenge in a large site such as this and it has been decided to continue with the original layouts. Other side benefits of attending the course, upgrading to Dreamweaver CS5 and the purchase of a very good text which, on this occasion, the webmaster has studied, is that he now uses snippets and library items to ease and speed up the construction of pages.


So far, attempts to use a template for pages has been unsuccessful as the concept of editable regions has proved somewhat overwhelming and has been shelved for the time being.

Whilst the writer uses the relatively friendly Adobe Dreamweaver CS5, combined with CSS style sheets, to construct the site, he has found that the newly acquired much improved knowledge and respect for HTML et al, has made a tremendous difference to the layout and quality of the site pages. In fact, anyone beginning to use Dreamweaver without a reasonable knowledge of HTML/XHTML and the like, is heading for a rude awakening.


Another hard learned lesson has been that Internet Explorer does not always do justice to a website unless great care is taken to tweak the HTML code to ensure that what is intended is in fact realised. Other browsers appear to be much more respectful of the web designers intentions.

One lesson still to be learned is the creation of what the writer believes are called "Splash" images, to avoid the creation of a whole new web page to display an image or short note. This webmaster promises to persevere up his learning curve

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