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The Godolphins were an eminent family with illustrious members such as Sydney Godolphin who was Chancellor to Queen Ann and a friend of the Duke of Malbrough. Others could include; Rev. Dr. Henry Godolphin, Provost of Eton and Dean of St. Pauls; Charles Godolphin, founder of the Godolphin School, Salisbury and Earl Godolphin who introduced the Arab Stallion into th British racing world. Some of the names listed below are Godolphins through the marriages of the sisters Mary and Elizabeth Godolphin of Coulston, Wiltshire. Mary married Lt. Col. Richard Chaloner Cobbe in Novemebr 1827 and Elizabeth married James Burslem around 1718. The two came together when Rev. Richard Chaloner Cobbe (3) grandson of Richard and Mary married Sarah Burslem granddaughter of James and Elizabeth. The marriage took place at St. Paul's Market Bosworth in May 1776. There were some thirteen children from that union; ten of whom survived into adulthood, more or less. The names listed below either descend from those marriages or are ancestors of those descendants. Descendants of Richard and Sarah Cobbe were import in the running of the Godolphin School well into the late 19th century. The families contain members of such distinction that they merit inclusion on this website as being connected to the Godolphins. The writer hopes that readers will agree.

John Keats  
Webb-Carter, Ian Valentine,
His brothers & His Parents
The Sheffields  
Major General Arthur Godolphin Yeatman Biggs  
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