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Lt Col Richard Chaloner Cobbe (1) c 1683 - 1757 - Page (2)
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Sons of the Clergy 1799 Sermon & App
R C Cobbe (1)
R C Cobbe (2)
R C Cobbe (3)
R C Cobbe (4)
James M. Cobbe
Chas Cobbe Lt RN
(HMS Colossus)
(HMS Niger)
(HMS Captain)
(HMS Dido)
(HMS Ville de Paris)
(HMS St. George)
Sarah Ann Cobbe
Maria V. Cobbe
Countess Frances
Earl & Countess
of Huntingdon
Charlotte Cobbe
Arabella Cobbe
Marshall G. Cobbe
Marshal's 1800 Indenture
Marshall's Wife
Eliza Hammond

& Their Children:
Frances & Caroline Cobbe
Charles Marshall Goodolphin Cobbe
Thomas Cobbe
Willoughby Cobbe
Sydney G. Cobbe
Rosamond Cobbe
The Burslems
The Chaloners
The Clays
The Poet Keats
The Hammonds
  Dukie of Wellingtons Cap Badge Hopefully the Cap Badge for the
Duke of Wellington's West Riding Regiment
Hawley's Foot/ 33rd Foot
Now 2nd Batt Yorkshire Regiment
25th March 1715 Richard Chaloner Cobbe (1) becomes Captain "History of the Thirty-third Foot", Duke of Wellington's (West Riding) Regiment,
Albert Lee, 1922
23rd Nov 1726
Lt. Col. Richard Chaloner Cobbe married Mary Godolphin (born 19 Nov 1693), daughter of Francis Godolphin of Coulston, Wilts at St. Martin’s-in-the-Fields. Mary was baptised (4 Dec 1693) in St. James, Westminster. Brig. Gen. Frank Graham Marsh, "The Godolphins", 1930
5 October 1721 Richard Chaloner Cobbe (1)'s date of Seniority as Lt. Col in Hawley’s Foot. The regiment later became; the 33rd Foot, then the Duke of Wellington’s West Riding Regiment and currently (2012) a Battalion in the Yorkshire Regiment. A descendent of the Lt. Col. was Capt Vivian Hastings Clay, 2nd Wilts., of Fovant, Wilts. He was killed at about 5.30 am, 18th October 1916 and was tended to by a young man calling himself Cpl Ian Valentine - "his stage name". Ian's alias was Christoper Arthur Valentine, later Sgt Christopher Arthur Valentine MM who was sadly killed the following May at Arras, He is commemorated as St. C. A. Valentine MM, aged 23 years, on the Arras Memorial. His real name was Ian Hasting Webb Carter and here the coincidences begin that neither could have known about from that short chance meeting as Vivian lay dying. Ian and Vivian shared the same middle name - Hastings. Further, Ian's brother's son and grandson became commanding officers of the 33rd Foot with Sir Evelyn Webb Carter, becoming the final Commanding Officers of the Duke of Wellington's West Riding Regiment. Although, of course, Lt. Col. Richard Chaloner Cobbe (1) was not Commanding Officer of Hawley's Foot.   A fuller account of Ian Hastings Webb Carter is given elsewhere on this website. Brig. Gen. Frank Graham Marsh, "The Godolphins", 1930

Stephen & Nancy Binks
Western Front Battlefield Tours

7th June 1741 Lt. Col. Richard Chaloner Cobbe   retires on half pay  

Jany  8th 1755
Veriana Cobbe, possibly his mother is buried at
St. Michael

This is most interesting as James, her father, died around 1659. She must therefore have been well into her nineties when she died. It seems unlikely that there was another Vereana Cobbe at around that time!   
[afft 14th - may refer to the Legislation of 1667 & 1678 requiring an affidavit to be made at each burial indicating that the body had been placed in a woollen shroud. Some Parishes kept separate Registers of Burials in Woollen" The Act fell into disuse and was repealled in the early 19thC]

[This section previously stated that Vereana was buried in Winchester Cathedral. Further reading of the webmaster's notes indicate that the burial was at St. Michael, Winchester. St. Michael was the church at which her grandson Rev. Richard Chaloner Cobbe (#2) LL.D. was married to Anne Fern, 13th June 1754. A number of visitors to the site have queried the age of Vereana at the time of her death. At the moment there is no other evidence to contradict what has been written here in regard to Vereana's burial. Whilst some female descendents have succombed to cancer in their seventies, others have lived well into their nineties, including Arabella Cobbe, daughter of Rev Richard Chaloner Cobbe (#3) and his wife Sarah Burslem as well as Arabella's granddaughter Mary Katherine Dawkins who married Bruno Mazzarrini's brother, Guelfo. She lived from 1874 to 1971 dying aged about 97 years. -GGD].

St. Michael, Winchester Burial Register, for 1755, Hampshire Records Office, Winchester

71M81W PR3

71M81W (PR3)



1759 is the year that has generally been given for Lt. Col. Richard Chaloner Cobbe (1)'s death. The place of his death appears to have been Winchester and his 1759 Will is held at the Hampshire Records Office in Winchester. That Records Office has informed the writer that Lt. Col. Richard Chaloner Cobbe died in 1757 with 1759 being the year of probate for his his will. The webmaster has had sight of the Will and one of Richard's prime concerns was the well being of his wife Mary, after his death, asking for the help of his brother Charles, the Archbishop of Dublin and his son Rev. Richard Chaloner Cobbe (2) who appears to have been sole beneficiary. It appears that his wife Mary was suffering from some form of dementia. Alec Cobbe , "Clerics & Connoisseurs"
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