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The Children of Richard Chaloner Cobbe A.M. & Sarah Burslem his wife:
Thomas Cobbe   born 1786
Sons of the Clergy 1799 Sermon & App
R C Cobbe (1)
R C Cobbe (2)
R C Cobbe (3)
R C Cobbe (4)
James M. Cobbe
Chas Cobbe Lt RN
(HMS Colossus)
(HMS Niger)
(HMS Captain)
(HMS Dido)
(HMS Ville de Paris)
(HMS St. George)
Sarah Ann Cobbe
Maria V. Cobbe
Countess Frances
Earl & Countess
of Huntingdon
Charlotte Cobbe
Arabella Cobbe
Marshall G. Cobbe
Marshal's 1800 Indenture
Marshall's Wife
Eliza Hammond

& Their Children:
Frances & Caroline Cobbe
Charles Marshall Goodolphin Cobbe
Thomas Cobbe
Willoughby Cobbe
Sydney G. Cobbe
Rosamond Cobbe
The Burslems
The Chaloners
The Clays
The Godolphins
The Hammonds
The Poet Keats

Thomas Cobbe was one of the thirteen or more children of Richard Chaloner Cobbe (3) AM and his wife Sarah Burslem. Richard and Sarah had as grandmothers, the sisters, Mary & Elizabeth Godolphin respectively. Thomas Cobbe had as siblings, amongst others:

Richard Chaloner Cobbe (4) became a military surgeon and remained unmarried. He died, perhaps, in 1829, the year his Will was proved. He left his possessions to a family friend, Isabella Maria Forbes, more of whom elsewhere on this website and a little more below. To date, whilst the year 1776, the year of his parents's marriage seems plausible, the writer has not found exactly when or where he was born and baptised nor where he died and was buried. The Gloucestershire locations mentioned in his will have been investigated, but nothing of value has been found. One lives in hope.

Charlotte (Godolphin) Cobbe whose son founded the three generation Fovant, Wilts, Country Medical Practice in 1855; she died in 1858 and is buried at Fovant.

Frances Cobbe who married Hans Francis Hastiings to become, in 1819, the 11th Countess of Huntingdon, she died following delivery of her 10th child March 1820; she was buried at St. John, Hampstead 8 April 1820 but the grave is unmarked and could not be found when the writer and his wife made a search some years ago.

Arabella Cobbe who married firstly Henry Fyge Jauncey with issue whose decedents survive to this day and secondly, Richard Dawkins to produce Rear Admiral Richard Dawkins as son and as grandson, Richard MacGillivray Dawkins, an eminent Classical Scholar who did not marry and died in 1955. He was associated with Emmanuel College Cambridge which was endowed by a relative, Sir Wolstan Dixie (c1524-1594), Lord Mayor of London and President of Christ's Hospital;

Marshall Godolphin Cobbe became a Master Mariner. At some point he added William to his name; perhaps in respect of his mother's brother, Marshall William Burslem of Burslem's Company, Royal Artillery. On retiring from the Royal Navy around 1815, he married Eliza Hammond daughter of an eminent Edmonton Surgeon who had the poet Keats as an apprentice for a time. Sadly, Marshall lived to the age of only some 36 years but his daughters, and young son, carried on the connection with the Godolphin School in Salisbury; little is known of the other eight or so siblings with at least three dying in infancy.

The writer first became aware of Thomas Cobbe as a son of the Rev Richard Chaloner Cobbe (3) from papers left by the Fovant General Practitioner and Country Doctor, Dr. Richard Chaloner Cobbe Clay and/or his genealogist, working pre-1972.

Researching Christ's Hospital Archives at the London Metropolitan Archives on 25th February 2010, the writer discovered that Thomas Cobbe, born 3rd November 1786 was indeed the son of the Rev. Richard Chaloner Cobbe and his wife Sarah Burslem.

At the moment, his birthplace is not known although, like Marshall & Arabella, it is thought he was baptised at St. Mary. Easton. There are many gaps in our knowledge of where the family lived during their married lives, in particular between the time at Easton where Marshall Godolphin Cobbe was baptised in 1785 and the Little Marlow births starting 1890. A gap of some 5 years. Moreover, the birthplace, baptism and burial locations are still unknown for Richard Chaloner Cobbe (4).

1st April 1794: Thomas entered Christ's Hospital from Bradenham, Bucks where his father, Rev Richard Chaloner Cobbe (3) AM was Rector. Although, during this period the family appear to have been worshipping and living in Little Marlow.

18th September 1794: Thomas was clothed in the Christ's Hospital uniform

4th November 1801: Thomas was discharged from Christ's Hospital for ever at the desire of a Francis Wilson Esq., Governor, to an I. M. Forbes of No. 3 Nassau Street, Soho, who "agreed" to provide Thomas with a Master.

Following help, kindly given at the Cambden Local History & Archives, Holborn Library,Theobalds Road, WC1X 8PA, on 13th May 2010, it appears that Nassau St. has become Gerrard Place, off Shaftsbury Avenue. Street names were changed at the start of WW2 to prevent duplication. This was done to aid sending emergency services to the correct location, first time.

At the moment, nothing more is known about Thomas Cobbe as 19th century census returns have been unproductive. I.M. Forbes was probably Isabella Maria Forbes, executrix and sole beneficiary of the will of eldest brother Richard Chaloner Cobbe (4), Military Surgeon, who died in 1829. His address in 1824 when he wrote his Will, was 37 High Holborn, London. Isabella Maria Forbes was also a "witness" at the 12th May 1803 marriage of Frances Cobbe to Hans Francis Hastings at St. Anne (Soho Square) in the then Liberty of Westminster. On being delivered of her tenth child in March 1820, Frances died and was buried at the Parish Church of St. John - at - Hampstead on 8th April 1820.

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