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The Children of Richard Chaloner Cobbe A.M. & Sarah Burslem his wife:
Richard Chaloner Cobbe (4)     Military Surgeon   -   His Last Will & Testament - A Transcription
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Sons of the Clergy 1799 Appendix
R C Cobbe (1)
R C Cobbe (2)
R C Cobbe (3)
R C Cobbe (4)
James M. Cobbe
Charles Cobbe Lt RN
Sarah Ann Cobbe
Maria Vere Cobbe
Countess Frances (Cobbe)
Charlotte Cobbe
Arabella Cobbe
Marshall G. Cobbe
Frances E. Cobbe
Caroline Cobbe
Charles M.Godolphin Cobbe
Thomas Cobbe
Sydney G. Cobbe
Rosamond C. Cobbe


Date & Location
7th Day of July 1824 Richard C. Cobbe (4)', Last Will and Testament - Best Effort Transcription:  
Being at this Present Time of sound mind and understanding but being aware of the uncertainty of this life, I think it proper to make the following disposition of my worldly effects, that is to say, I give and bequeath all my personal property whatsoever and of whatsoever nature it may be of which I am dispossessed [?] to my best and ever truest friend Isabella Maria Forbes for her sole use and benefit hereby appointing her my sole executrix or [?] & [?] Administratrix and Assign and I declare [?] this to be my Will that no one what=ever interferes with her in the arrangement of or disposal of my concious[?] & this is my last will and testament whereunto I have set my hand this 7th day of July 1824 / ~ R.C. Cobbe [his signature in his own hand] - 37 High Holborn London ~/P. Isabella Maria Forbes has appeared 3 three times in researches. (1) as supporter at the marriage of Frances Cobbe to Hans Francis Hastings in 1803, (2) to "take charge" of Richard's younger brother Thomas Cobbe on his leaving Christ's Hospital in 1801 when she lived at 3 Nassau Street, London and (3) as sole beneficiary to Richard Chaloner Cobbe (#4)'s estate. She was the wife of Thomas Forbes, an army colleague of Richard's
The Proving of the will which was, apparently, not in the normal format. Hence the additional procedures recorded on the right. Appeared Personally Thomas Vacher of 29 Parliament St Westminster in the County of Middlesex Army Agent and John Gandell of No1 Suffolk Saint Eammon [?] Street London Iron [?] Merchant and jointly and severally made with oath that they knew and were well acquainted with Richard Chaloner Cobbe late of Platts Wollaston in the County of Gloucester and of Charlotte Street Blackfriars Road in the County of Surrey Surgeon to His Majesty's Fforces [almost certainly as written - GGD] on half pay Sorensed [?] and with his Manner character of handwriting and subscription having frequently seen him write and also write and subscribe his name and these dissointure [?] having now carefully viewed and perused the paper & writing hereunto dated and beginning thus "London July 7th 1824 being at this present of sound mind and understanding" ending thus "This is my last Will and Testament whereunto I have put my hand this 7th day of July 1824 and thus subscribed "RC Cobbe" with the following addition "37 High Holborn London" they lastly made oath that they verify and in their consciences that the whole body source and contents of the said will beginning and ending as aforesaid and the said verified subscription and addition thereto to be all of the proper handwriting and subscription of the said Richard Chaloner Cobbe deceased ~ / Thos. Vacher / ~ / J: Gandell ~ on the fifteenth day of June 1829 the said Thomas Vacher and John Gandell were respectively duly swaorn to the truth of this affidavit Before me John Dauberry Surrte /~/ present / Henry Pitcher Noty Pub /~/

In his 1930 book "The Godolphins", Brig Gen Frank Graham Marsh refers to Charles Marshall Godolphin Cobbe as RCC (4)'s "Heir at Law". I'm not certain what this means. On the death of RCC (#4) it appears that Charles's maternal uncle Henry Samuel Hammond became his guardian. More elsewhere, soon.

"The Godolphin School", Douglas & Ash, Longmans, Green 1928, pg 18 mentions Richard, Henry and Charles; there being a strong connection between the Cobbe family, as Godolphin descendents, and the Godolphin School, Salisbury. Indeed members of the families may well have received payments. More elsewhere, soon


Proved at London 16th June 1829 before the Worshipful John Dauberry Doctor of Laws and surrogate by oath Isabella Maria Forbes (wife of Thomas Forbes) the sole Executrix to whom adminstration was granted having been duly sworn to adminster

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