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The Children of Richard Chaloner Cobbe A.M. & Sarah Burslem his wife:
Richard Chaloner Cobbe (4)     Military Surgeon   Page (1)
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Sons of the Clergy 1799 Appendix
R C Cobbe (1)
R C Cobbe (2)
R C Cobbe (3)
R C Cobbe (4)
James M. Cobbe
Charles Cobbe Lt RN
Sarah Ann Cobbe
Maria Vere Cobbe
Countess Frances (Cobbe)
Charlotte Cobbe
Arabella Cobbe
Marshall G. Cobbe
Frances E. Cobbe
Caroline Cobbe
Charles M.Godolphin Cobbe
Thomas Cobbe
Sydney G. Cobbe
Rosamond C. Cobbe


As of yet, it remains to be disovered where and when, exactly, the fourth Richard Chaloner Cobbe was born and baptised. He probably died at Gt. Charlotte Street, Blackfriars Road, London and was buried at St. Anne, Soho Square, Westminster, 14 May 1829.

Date & Location
1777 is the estimated year of birth and baptism of the fourth member of the Chaloner-Cobbe family to bear the name of Richard Chaloner Cobbe the places of his birth and baptism are still being sought. The first Richard Chaloner Cobbe (1683 - c1749) was Lt. Col. Richard Chaloner Cobbe of Hawley's Foot, later the 33rd Foot and more recently, Duke of Wellington's West Riding Regiment.
Sources for Baptism, Death & Burial stilll being sought
His death and burial 1829
As his last will and testament was downloaded from the National Archives at Kew it seems appropriate to settle the alpha and omega of his life at the start of the narrative of his life.
National Archives, Kew

7th Day of July 1824
His Last Will & Testament


His Last Will and Testament:
A careful attempt at transcribing his Last Will and Testament is given on the following page. The will was downloaded from the National Archives at Kew as a PDF handwritten document. Some of the words are difficult to interpret and such cases are indicated with a [?] "comment".

A similar problem was encountered when transcribing the will of Fowler Oldershaw, Apothecary of Market Bosworth,

Fowler was father of Sarah Oldershaw, relict of Marshall Greswald and wife of Richard's grandfather Rev. Dr. James Burslem D.D. J.P. in turn, father of Richard's mother, Sarah Burslem.

On early readings of Fowler's will it seemed that he was bequeathing harpsicords to his beneficiaries, in fact he was bequeathing haystacks.

The Burslems were involved in a costly legal battle with the Greswalds in the House of Lords. James Burslem and his wife Sarah Oldershaw won but could not afford the ongoing costs when the Greswald side went to appeal. More, elsewhere, soon, hopefully.

As with his parents and great grand parents; date, location of death and of burial remain a mystery

Comments are made on the following page, however it might be mentioned that there were some peculiarities regarding the will. The absence of witnesses to the actual writing of it created the need to obtain confirmation that the will was indeed in Richard's own hand.

There are at least two examples of Richard's writing extant. One on the will here transcribed and another in the Christ's Hospital Archives in the London Metropolitan Archives. When his brother Marshall Godolphin Cobbe was "released" from the School in 1800 Richard had to sign for that release. It might need a handwriting expert to confirm the signatures were both by Richard. Watch this space!

14 May 1829 Richard Chaloner Cobbe (4), Military Surgeon, of Gt. Charlotte Street, Blackfriars Road, [as in the interrogation of witnesses during adminstration/probate proceedings] was buried at St. Anne, Soho Square, Westminster, 14 may 1829. This information was obtained after a search of perhaps ten or more years. He was buried at St. Anne's,Westsminster, just a little more than six years after his younger sister Frances Cobbe (1782 - 1820) married Hans Frances Hastings to become, around 1819, the 11th Earl and Countess of Huntingdon.As stated, Isabella was not only the beneficiary of his will but also the supporter at that wedding between Frances and Hans Francis in 1803 and took into her care, in 1801, Thomas Cobbe, when he left Christ's Hospital. www.ancestrylibrary.com Bolton Central Library
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