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The Children of Richard Chaloner Cobbe A.M. & Sarah Burslem his wife:
Marshall Godolphin Cobbe Master Mariner R.N.     1785 - 1821 & The Royal Navy   (2)
overview    Personal Life (1), (2)     Naval Career (1), (2) - Indenture      Christ's Hospital(1), (2), A Pupil
Sons of the Clergy 1799 Sermon & App
R C Cobbe (1)
R C Cobbe (2)
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James M. Cobbe
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Marshal's 1800 Indenture
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Date Event Source & Comment
During his Naval career, Marshall Godolphin Cobbe became William Marshall Godolphin Cobbe. There is no doubt that both were one and the same person. Definite and irrefutable proof may be hiding in a Naval File at the National Archives Kew

HMS Tortoise:
history obtained by writer from www.lib.mq.edu.aul - 
The Lachlan and
ELizabeth Macquarie Arch

The other vessels:

National Archives ADM 24/47,
by Bob O’Hara at
Kew as a research commission
for the writer and family


“British Warship Names”,
Manning & Walker, 1958


December 1809
Marshall serves aboard HMS Tortoise, Originally an East Indiaman known as Sir Edward Hughes; possibly up to the time he becomes Master Mariner R.N. 28th June 1810
1810 - 1811
HMS Racehorse
Marshall serves aboard HMS Racehorse, The name first appeared in 1757 and perhaps appropriate for someone related to Earl Francis Godolphin who brought the first Arab stallion into the country. This vessel was a sloop, the third of the name and was lost in 1822. The last known vessel of the name was built in 1942 and served in the Atlantic (1943), Sabang (1944) and Burma (1945) In 1811, Marshall’s Racehorse served in Madagascar.
1811 - 1812
HMS Galatea
Marshall serves aboard HMS Galatea. Marshall’s Galatea, (A sea nymph, dau of Nereus and Doris) was the third of that name. Built in 1810, it was really quite new when Marshall became Master. In 1811 it was serving in Tamatave. It was broken up in 1849. The sixth of the name, a cruiser, was the first to sight the enemy at Jutland
1813 - 1814
HMS Nisus
Marshall serves aboard HMS Nisus. A 5th rate vessel of 1810 that served in Mauritius in 1810 and Java 1811. Two years before Marshall joined the vessel. (Nisus was King of Megara and father of Scylla). Marshall probably new that having been a pupil at Christ’s Hospital where vlassics was no doubt taught. His cousin Nathaniel Burslem was serving and earning a Gold Medal in Mauritius and Java at about the time of HMS Nisus being there. Indeed, his son, Rollo Gillespie Burslem was born in Java in 1813. After service in Afghanistan, Rollo published his 1846 book “A Peep into Toorkisthan”
1814 - 1815
HMS Statira
Marshall serves aboard HMS Statira . Daughter of Darious and wife of Alexander the Great. A 5th rate vessel built 1807 and wrecked in 1815. It served in Guadeloupe in 1810, before Marshall’s time but he may have been aboard when Statira was wrecked. There appears not to have been another vessel of that name
HMS Ethalion &
Marshall serves aboard HMS Ethalion and in September 1815 he leaves the Full Pay Register. It was the second and apparently last vessel of the name Ethalion. It was built as a 5th rater in 1802 and was taken off the Navy List in 1872. It served in Donegal in 1798 and Martinique in 1809 - well before Marshall’s time aboard. (Ethalion was one of the Tyrrhene sailors changed into dolphins for carrying away Bacchus). So, this appears to have been Marshall’s last posting  
Marshall Godolphin Cobbe's Naval Career & Vessels were kindly researched at Kew by Bob O'Hara
who has been most helpful to the writer over many years. Hopefully, the writer may attempt to view
Master's Logs for the above vessels. At this time, no more is known about Marshall's Naval Career but there is room for further study

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