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The Children of Richard Chaloner Cobbe A.M. & Sarah Burslem his wife:
Marshall Godolphin Cobbe (1785 - 1821)   &   Christ's Hospital - (2)
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Date Event Source

26/04/1793 page 105
83 Govrs present

At a Court held in Christ’s Hospital London on Friday 26th April 1793:
A list of Governors was given and some nine matters of business were dealt with by the Committee before reaching the petition of the writer’s wife’s ancestor Richard Chaloner Cobbe on page 108 [GGG], viz:

Christ’s Hospital Archives
at London Metropolitan Archives Ref 12806/13 seen by G. G. Davies 25/04/2010

Petition of
The Revd R. C. Cobb for the admission of a Son, as a Relation to Sr W. Dixie Bart refer’d to Committee

A Governor then presented a petition from the Revd Richard Challoner Cobb asking for the admission of his son Marshall Godolphin Cobb as a Relation of Sr Wolston Dixie Bart, a great Benefactor to this Hospital; it was read, and a motion sent to the commttee to examine the application and report on it at the next Court. This paragraph is on page 108 of the minutes, it is not an exact transcription but does convey the meaning. There again followed more items of business taking the minutes from page 108 to page 110 [GGD]

Page 108 of the Minutes
Please note variations in spelling of Challoner and Cobb, now accepted as Chaloner and Cobbe [GGD]. Dr Challoner Clay was named with the double 'l'.

10th May 1793
79 Govrs present

At a Court held in Christ’s Hospital London on Friday the 10 May 1793
There appears not to have been a Court between this one on 10th May 1793, on page 110 of the Minutes and the previous Court on the 26th April 1793, commencing on page 108 of the Minutes Ledger. Then there followed some five items of business plus the listing of Governors. This led to further discussion on R.C. Cobbe’s Petition and appears on page 110 of the minutes Ledger [GGD]

Page 110 of the Minutes Ledger

Sir Wolston Dixie Bart, a child admitted as a Relation

Referring to the last Court, the Committee considered Revd Richard Challoner Cobbe (3)'s petition for the admission of his Son, Marshall Godolphin Cobbe as a Relation to Sr Wolston Dixie, Bart , Aldn , deceased and a former President of Christ's Hospital [1590 - 1593*] to which he was a good Benefactor, [including the Manor of Southwick**]. The Pedigree provided by Marshall's father was accepted regarding consanguinity to Sir Wolston Dixie Bart, leading to the recommendation Marshall be admitted if the usual Certificates were submitted to the Treasurer.

The Court voted & ordered the approval of the recommendation in memory of such a great Benefactor, that Marshall should be admitted provided the usual certificates were given to the Treasurer. This paragraph was on page 112 of the minutes, still hoping for comment on spelling of Wolston v Wolstan [GGD]

Page 112 of the Minutes Ledger

*   E.H. Pearce, Annals of Christ's      Hospital 1908  
** Ian W. Archer, Oxford Dictionary of National Biography - from an on line source vika Manchester Central Library 2010.

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