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The Children of Rev Richard Chaloner Cobbe A.M. & Sarah Burslem his wife:
Marshall Godolphin Cobbe (1785 - 1821)   &   Christ's Hospital - (1)
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Sons of the Clergy 1799 Sermon & App
R C Cobbe (1)
R C Cobbe (2)
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James M. Cobbe
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Sarah Ann Cobbe
Maria V. Cobbe
Countess Frances
Earl & Countess
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Charlotte Cobbe
Arabella Cobbe
Marshall G. Cobbe
Marshal's 1800 Indenture
Marshall's Wife
Eliza Hammond

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Frances & Caroline Cobbe
Charles Marshall Goodolphin Cobbe
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Willoughby Cobbe
Sydney G. Cobbe
Rosamond Cobbe
The Burslems
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The Poet Keats
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August 2009 During an occasional internet sweep in 2009, the writer found a window that opened up the early life of Marshall Godolphin Cobbe. Document ADLR 15, his original February 1800 Indenture as Apprentice Mariner was located at the Maritime Museum, Greenwich. A note on the indenture declared that Christ's Hospital had provided £5 to help him on his way and the "The Feast of the Sons of the Clergy" for 1799 had, "underwritten" the apprenticeship at a cost of £20. Christ's Hospital, Horsham, directed the writer to the London Metropolitan Archives. And, a London Antiquarian Bookshop had an original 1799 booklet of the Thursday 9th May 1799 Anniversary Meeting of the Sons of the Clergy at St. Paul's Cathedral. The very "Feast" whose Stewards provided the £20 for Marshall's apprenticeship. It also has details of Stewards' names back to 1721. At the London Metropolitan Archives on 25th Feb 2010 the writer "struck gold" and here expresses grattitude to the staff there for significant help in navigating the microfilms - thank you. Google.....
Searches for Marshall Godolphin Cobbe - August 2009
Maritime Museum, Greenwich
Christ's Hospital Horsham
London Metropolitan Archives
May 1793
Marshall enters Christ's Hospital
The attempt to gain admission to Christ's Hospital for Marshall was recorded in the Minutes "Ledger" of the said Hospital and have been transcribed by the writer both literally and generally and will hopefully be shown on this website with relevant references. The Rev Richard Chaloner Cobbe (3) A.M. Rector of Bradenham, Disraeli's parish, appears to have been living and worshipping at Little Marlow, evidenced by three of his 13 children being baptised there in 1790, 1791 and 1792, with two of the three sadly dying in infancy and were buried there. The writer and his wife have searched the cemetery to no avail, sadly. There were four Richard Chaloner Cobbes, one in each consecutive generation. Court of Christ's Hospital Minutes at the London Metropolitan Archives Ref:
12806 / 13
Little Marlow Parish Registers
Basis of The Petition by the Rev Richard Chaloner Cobbe for admission of his son Marshall Godolphin Cobbe to Christ's Hospital
Marshall's petition for admission by his father rested on the claim of consanguinity with Sir Wolston Dixie Bart, (c1524 - 1594) the Lord Mayor of the City of London. Sir Wolstan was indeed a Lord Mayor of the City of London, Alderman and President of Christ's Hospital for many years (1590 - 1593), but he died childless even though married twice. He left the bulk of his fortune to his great nephew, (the actual ancestor of both Marshall and the writer's wife), the Manor of Southwick was left to Christ's Hospital and enough was left over to care for his widow. As Wolston arrived in London from fairly humble beginnings in Huntingdonshire, one cannot but help think of Dick Wittington. Huntingdon was also to enter the family tree when Frances Cobbe, Marshall's sister, married Hans Francis Hastings in 1803 and he recovered the Earl of Huntingdon title in 1819 with Frances the 11th Countess and his first. There was to be a second following the death of Frances in 1820.

Court of Christ's Hospital Minutes at the London Metropolitan Archives Ref: 12806 / 13
Ian W. Archer. Oxford DNB - on line via Manchester Central Library.
The Earl's Obituary & Burke, Gentlemans Magazine 1829

  Whilst awaiting permissions, the following pages give a free but representative transcription of the Council Minutes recording the proceedings giving Marshall Godolphin Cobbe entry to Christ's Hospital in 1793. It is hoped that the writer may be allowed to show "exact" transcriptions and some of the actual entries from various Ledgers relating to the entering (1793) and leaving (1800) of Marshall, some of his father's submissions and the entry and exit of Marshall's brother Thomas (1794 - 1801). It appears that Thomas's entry was more straightforward  
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