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The Poet John Keats &
Thomas Hammond Edmonton Surgeon

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Thomas Hammond, Surgeon of Edmonton was Elizabeth Catherine Hammond's father. Eliza, of course, married Marshall Godolphin Cobbe, Master RN, at South Mimms in Jan 1816; the same month that his elder sister Charlotte (Godolphin) Cobbe married Robert Clay, Surveyor, at St. George's, Hanover Square.


Guy's Hospital

The Poet John Keats was actually apprenticed to Thomas Hammond, who was the family doctor to the Jennings family.

Keats's mother's maiden name was Jennings and Keats's grandmother lived in Church Street, Edmonton. This is where Keats's mother died of a 'decline', probably tuberculosis.

John Keats was taken out of school in 1810 when his mother died (he was boarding, with his brothers, at John Clarke's school in Enfield). He then lodged with Thomas Hammond until 1813, when he seems to have moved out and found lodgings of his own.

During his time with Hammond he would walk, two or three times a week, back to Enfield to visit Charles Cowden Clarke, the son of the headmaster, and they would read the classics of English Literature together. Keats actually embarked on his literary career when he wrote his first poem in 1814.

After five years' study as an apprentice, he went on to Guy's hospital for a year's training. After qualifying, he remained at the hospital until his 21st birthday in October 1816, when he made the decision to give up medicine for poetry.

Mr Kenneth Page of Keats House suggests either Andrew Motion's biography or that by Robert Gittings for more background detail.

The writer thanks

Mr. Kenneth Page
Interpretation Officer
Keats House,
Keats Grove,
London NW3 2RR

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