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Children of Marshall Godolphin Cobbe and his wife Elizabeth Catherine Hammond of Edmonton
The Sisters Caroline Elizabeth Cobbe  1817 - 1847   &    Frances Emily Cobbe  1819 - 1898 - Page 2
CMG Cobbe    St. Sepulchre Burial,  Sisters  -   Page (1), (2), (3),  (4)

Sons of the Clergy 1799 Sermon & App
R C Cobbe (1)
R C Cobbe (2)
R C Cobbe (3)
R C Cobbe (4)
James M. Cobbe
Chas Cobbe Lt RN
(HMS Colossus)
(HMS Niger)
(HMS Captain)
(HMS Dido)
(HMS Ville de Paris)
(HMS St. George)
Sarah Ann Cobbe
Maria V. Cobbe
Countess Frances
Earl & Countess
of Huntingdon
Charlotte Cobbe
Arabella Cobbe
Marshall G. Cobbe
Marshal's 1800 Indenture
Marshall's Wife
Eliza Hammond

& Their Children:
Frances & Caroline Cobbe
Charles Marshall Goodolphin Cobbe
Thomas Cobbe
Willoughby Cobbe
Sydney G. Cobbe
Rosamond Cobbe
The Chaloners
The Clays
The Poet Keats
The Hammonds


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Frances E. Cobbe (Cabbe in Census return), aged 62, born Kew living with Robert Hammond, cousin, aged 64 and his aunt, Mary Ann S. Hammond, aged 77 at 33 Russell Square, Brighton. Plus Hester Jewell, aged 57, servant. Mary was sister to Frances's mother, Eliza Catherine Hammond. Brighton 1881 Census
Frances E. Cobbe, having worked alone since the death of Margaret Biggs, finally relinquished the right to nominated girls for the six scholarships at the Godolphin School, Salisbury, Wilts. The Governors of the school then took over until, it seems, 1921 when a new scheme of administration appeared. Marsh
"The Godolphins" 1930.
Frances E. Cobbe aged 72, born Kew, Middx, living on own means in Lodging House, Brighton, and classifying herself as visitor 1891 Census return,
Brighton West
1898 Daughter Frances dies in Brighton Frances Emily Cobbe, aged 79 years, the same as her mother, death recorded Brighton 2b 155. The same age as that of her mother Eliza who died in 1873 Free BMD
25 April 2010
There is certainly more to be found out about Frances Emily and Caroline Eliza Cobbe, perhaps at Kew, perhaps at the Godolphin School in Salisbury or maybe the Wiltshire Records Office.
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