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Son of Marshall Godolphin Cobbe & his wife Elizabeth Catherine Hammond
Charles Marshall Godolphin Cobbe - 1821 - c1836
CMG Cobbe    St. Sepulchre Burial,  Sisters  -   Page (1), (2), (3),  (4)

Sons of the Clergy 1799 Sermon & App
R C Cobbe (1)
R C Cobbe (2)
R C Cobbe (3)
R C Cobbe (4)
James M. Cobbe
Chas Cobbe Lt RN
(HMS Colossus)
(HMS Niger)
(HMS Captain)
(HMS Dido)
(HMS Ville de Paris)
(HMS St. George)
Sarah Ann Cobbe
Maria V. Cobbe
Countess Frances
Earl & Countess
of Huntingdon
Charlotte Cobbe
Arabella Cobbe
Marshall G. Cobbe
Marshal's 1800 Indenture
Marshall's Wife
Eliza Hammond

& Their Children:
Frances & Caroline Cobbe
Charles Marshall Goodolphin Cobbe
Thomas Cobbe
Willoughby Cobbe
Sydney G. Cobbe
Rosamond Cobbe
The Chaloners
The Clays
The Poet Keats
The Hammonds
He was, almost certainly, the third child of (William) Marshall Godolphin Cobbe, Master RN and his wife Elizabeth Catherine Hammond of Edmonton. He was born on 8th January 1821 with the family living in Waterloo Place, presumably Deptford, and Christened at St. Paul, Deptford, Kent on 14th February 1821. His father identified himself as Marshall Godolphin Cobbe, his given name, at the baptism thus not using the William he had added to his name sometime post 1800, after starting his apprenticeship as Mariner, in the Royal Navy. He also identified himself as Gent., in the Baptism Register. Charles's mother identified herself as Eliza Catherine Cobbe. Parish Records of
St. Paul, Deptford

That Charles was the third child is deduced from the baptismal records for,

(1), his eldest sister Caroline Eliza Cobbe,who was baptised at the Parish Church, New Brentford on 16th July 1817. She died, aged 30 years, in 1847 and is buried at Stoke Newington (2), his other sister Frances Emily Cobbe, was baptised on 17th March 1819 at St. Nicholas, the Parish Church of Chiswick. The Baptismal Register records her birth as being on 16th February 1819. Frances, as did her mother, lived to a good age. She died in Brighton, a spinster, aged 79 years, in 1898

.  Both daughters were born at Strand on the Green which is the riverside road, on the north side of the Thames running from Kew Bridge to Chiswick Parish Church, more or less.

There is no record, to date, of another birth between that of Caroline and Frances.

Parish Records of
New Brentford
Parish Records of
St. Nichols, Chiswick
Charles had a rather short life and died at the age of about 15 years in 1836/37 and was buried at St. Sepulchre, City of London, on 5th January 1837. Apparently St. Sepulchre is just across the road from where Christ's Hospital stood. Charles's father, Marshall was a pupil there between 1793 and 1800 and Marshall's brother Thomas was there between 1874 and 1801. At the time of his death Charles was living in Skinner Street. His anscestor's great uncle, Sir Wolstan Dixie Bt was Master of the Skinners' Livery Company, Alderman and Lord Mayor of the City of London and between 1590 and 1593 President and Benefactor of Christ's Hospital, attended between 1793 and 1800 by Charles's father, Marshall Godolphin Cobbe, by special order based on his consanguinity with Sir Wolstan Dixie Bart., Lord Mayor of London. Another of the coincidences that appear to abound in this family. Charles Marshall Godophin Cobbe was buried in St. Sepulchre in the City of London. His grandfather, Rev. Richard Chaloner Cobbe (3) Rector of Bradenham was himself Christened, in 1755, by his great uncle, Charles Cobbe, Archbishop of Dublin, in the Archbishop's Palace, called St. Sepulchre. The Archbishop was younger brother of Lt. Col. Richard Chaloner Cobbe (1), grandfather of Rev Richard Chaloner Cobbe (3) and great great grandfather of Charles Marshall Godolphin Cobbe. St. Sepulchre in Dublin, is near St. Patrick's Cathedral, and is now a large police station. Parish Records of
St. Sepulchre, City of London

Records of
St. Patrick's Cathedral Dublin
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