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The Children of Richard Chaloner Cobbe A.M. & Sarah Burslem his wife:
Arabella Cobbe Descendants   -   Page (3)

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Her Jauncey Relatives;  Husbands, Children & Grandchildren;   Henry J Jauncey;   Alexander S G Jauncey;    Descendants in Italy  &  Descendants in the US
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1872 - 1884

Edith Francis Arabella Jauncey and her husband Col Sir Alexander Campbell of Aberuchill 6th Baronet, had the four daughters listed together here.

Burke's Landed Gentry of Scotland
Burke's 107th Edition -
Peerage, Baronetage & Knightage.
Caroline Sophia Campbell
Edith Maud Campbell
Helen Mary Campbell &
Evelyn Campbell
In addition to the two sons listed below, Caroline, Edith, Helen and Evelyn were the four daughters born to Edith Francis Arabella Jauncey and her husband Col Sir Alexander Campbell of Aberuchill 6th Baronet.
Caroline married Rev Alexander Wintle Blanch on 7 July 1908. She died 16 February 1962 and he died in 1941. Edith died unmarried 31 December 1941. Helen married Henry Kenyon Daniel 7 June 1900 - she died 17 January 1964. Henry's date of death is not yet known.
25 Nov 1875 James Colin Campbell, eldest son of Edith Francis Arabella Jauncey and her husband Col Sir Alexander Campbell of Aberuchill 6th Baronet. James was killed in action in South Africa 5 May 1902.
24th Dec 1876 Bruno Mazzarrini future husband of Edith Louisa Dawkins born in Cetona, Italy Prof. Gianni Lombardi
Private Communication
27 June 1877 Sir John Alexander Coldstream Campbell 7th Baronet, second and youngest son of Edith Francis Arabella Jauncey and her husband Col Sir Alexander Campbell of Aberuchill 6th Baronet is born. He married Janet Thompson Hood Moffat 24 January 1921. He died 21 March 1960 and his wife Janet died 27 May 1975.  
7th May 1878 Edith Louisa Dawkins, daughter of Richard & Mary L. Dawkins, born in Stoke Gabriel.  
31st Dec
Rear-Admiral Richard Dawkins retires  
Richard MacGillivray Dawkins at Grammar/Boarding School in Totnes, as Richard MacG Dawkins aged 9 years, James Powning, 56 years, is headmaster RG 11/2176  - 1204
Pages 7 & 8
1881 Census return  
1884-1890 Richard MacGillivray Dawkins attends Marlborough College  
29 January 1884 Edith Frances Arabella Jauncey wife of Col Sir Alexander Campbell of Aberuchill 6th Baronet dies. Sir Alexander then married Annie Augusta Mitford on the 4 October 1893. Sir Alexander died 23 May 1914 and his second wife, Annie, died 10 March 1927.  
30 July 1885 Henry Hastings Jauncey Cdr. RN marries Edith Blanche Pringle  
1885 - 1890 Henry Hastings Jauncey & his wife Edith Blanche Pringle have a daughter - nothing known so far  
27 April 1887 John MacGillivray Dawkins, son of Richard & Mary L. Dawkins, born Stoke Gabriel. Prof Gianni Lombardi
Private Communication
Richard Mac. Dawkins enters King’s College, London to study Electrical Engineering and is Apprenticed to Crompton, Chelmsford, Essex.

14 April 1889


22 June 1911

4 August 1923

11 January 1934



24 Sept 1958

John Henry Jauncey DSO & Bar was born. A son for Henry Hastings Jauncey and his wife Edith Blanche Pringle, a grandson for Henry John Jauncey and his wife Muriel Charlie Dundas and a great grandson for Arabella Cobbe and her first husband Capt. Henry Fyge Jauncey 50th Foot.


He married Muriel Charlie Dundas as Lieutenant Commander John Henry Jauncey, of HMS Walrus, on Saturday 4th August 1923 at St. Mary's Cathedral, Edinburgh. His widowed mother was living in Ipswich and her parents were living at South Queens Queensferry. The bride wore a 14th century dress of deep cream damask brocade and a veil of old Brussels lace with an ornament of Bruce's Heart in crystal surmounted by the Crown of Scotland set in emeralds and diamonds.

Among the eminent guests were Vice Admiral Sir Reginald Tyrwhitt, Lady Tyrwhitt and Miss Tyrwhitt. Of course, Rev Richard Chaloner Cobbe (3), Rector of Bradenham and his wife Sarah Burslem, together with their children, descended from Ursula Tirwit and her husband Edmund First Earl of Mulgrave (1566 - 1646). Those children included Arabella Cobbe great grandmother of John Henry Jauncey, France Cobbe 11th Countess of Huntingdon and Charlotte Cobbe, ancestor of this writer's wife. Mr Bill Brocklesby tells the writer that the Tyrwhitt guests were a branch of the Tirwit/Tyrwhitt family and to make matters even more interesting, Mr. Brocklesby revealed a Tyrwhitt Road in London and a LMS Locomotive called Tyrwhitt (No. 5657) built in Derby in 1934.

In 1934 John William Mack, a dealer aged 54 years was found Not Guilty of receiving two miniature and other articles, the property of John Henry Jauncey and discharged.

John Henry Jauncey had a distinguished and heroic naval career, winning two Distinguished Service Order Medals, viz: DSO and Bar. He was essentially a Destroyer man, highly regarded for his skill and daring in handling these smaller vessels. He joined his first ship in the Mediterranean as midshipman and was recognised for his zeal and ability. On 8th September 1909 he was confirmed in the rank of Sub-Lieutenant from acting sub-lieutenant and on 22 Jun 1911 was promoted to Lieutenant. During the First World War he served on the Dover patrol, receiving the French Life-Saving Medal (Silver-Gilt). He retired as Commander in the early 1930s but on the outbreak of WW2 he enthusiastically returned to active service In July 1942 with a sea going commission. He was in command of the Anti-Aircraft ship Palomares and Senior Officer of the PQ -17 Russian Convoy. After the order to scatter, he was able to collect the few survivors and hide them in the Matoshkin Strait, Nova Zembla and guide them to safety in Archangel. This act of heroism produced his first DSO.

He was then assigned, with his vessel Palomares to the landings in North Africa where Palomares was bombed with heavy casualties, was on fire for five hours and lost her stern but her Captain, John Henry Jauncey, brought her to the safety of Algiers. On refitting, the Palomares provided anti-aircraft cover for the American landings at Salerno where she hit a mine. But again, John Henry Jauncey brought her to safety in harbour. He then received his second DSO and in 1944 he was appointed to be Captain of "D" Commanding the Clyde Destroyer & Escort Flotillas. His last appointment was to command the battleship HMS Renown.

On 23 September 1958, he died suddenly in an Edinburgh nursing home.

HMS Versatile
Dundas Family
Burke's Landed Gentry of Scotland
Burke's 107th Edition -
Peerage, Baronetage & Knightage.
Caros Family Website
London Gazette
10 Sept 1909 & 9 May 1944
19 Jun 1911
London Times
6 Aug 1923, 11 Jan 1934
26 Sept 1958 & 14 Oct 1958

Mr. Bill Brocklesby
Private Communication


Convoy PQ 17
One of many sources
A link to
David Irving's Book, readable on-line

1891 Census return RG 12/1707 for Maisonette, Stoke Gabriel, Totnes; Richard Dawkins, Rear Admiral R. Navy, aged 62; his wife Mary L. aged 50 years; Richard M., son, a student of electrical engineering aged 19 years; Edith L., daughter, a scholar aged 12 years,  John M., son aged 3 years. www.ancestrylibrary.com
Bolton Central Library
1893 Tuja Anne Bunge is born in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. She later became the wife of John MacGillivray Dawkins Prof Gianni Lombardi
Private Communication
20 Mar 1896 Rear-Admiral Richard Dawkins dies at Stoke Gabriel aged about 68 years and is buried there. www.pdavis.nl
12 Jan 1897 Mary Dawkins, widow of Rear-Admiral Richard Dawkins dies at Stoke Gabriel and is also buried there. She would have been just about 58 years of age Prof Gianni Lombardi
Private Communication
Oct 1898 Richard MacGillivray Dawkins enters Emmanuel College, Cambridge. BA (1901); MA (1905). As noted elsewhere, a college endowed by his relation, Sir Wolstan Dixie (c1524-1595), Master of the Skinners Company, Lord Mayor of London and President of Christ's Hospital.  
19 Jan 1899

Henry John Jauncey, Arabella's eldest son dies in Surrey, UK

16 July 1901 Probate is granted on the Will of Henry John Jauncey www.ancestrylibrary.com
Bolton Central Library
5 January 1903 Mary Katherine Dawkins marries Guelfo Mazzarrini leading to the present day Lombardi families and their descendants. Prof. Gianni Lombardi Private Communication & Cert Copy
7 May 1903 Edith Louisa Dawkins marries Bruno Mazzarrini in Citta della Pieve. They had two children Cristina Mazzarrini (1904 - 1990) and Riccardo Mazzarrini (1906 - 1974); leading to the German Kollenspergere family which survived for only one generation with no issue and the present day Freyer/Dean families in Florida, USA. Prof Gianni Lombardi &
Christina Dora Freyer -
Private communications.
22 Feb 1904

Beryl Lucille Mennell, future daughter in law for Bruno Mazzarrini & his wife Edith Louisa Dawkins and wife of Riccardo Mazzarrini was born on 21st Feb 1904 in Jamaica. Documents show that she was born in Kingston, Jamaica. The town of Sav-la mar was given as the family's last permanent address and the address of nearest relative John W. Mennell, on the 1912 Passenger List for the journey from Kingston, Jamaica to the USA which was, no doubt, Savanah-la-Mar on the south coast at the west end of the Island. This does not mean that Beryl was born anywhere other than Kingston, but an interesting topic for anyone interested to follow up. From images seen by this writer, she retained her vibrant good looks throughout her life.

Wayne & Carole Jones
Naturalisation Papers & Passenger Lists
Bolton Central Library

15 Aug 1904 Cristina Mazzarrini, a daughter of Bruno Mazzarrini & his wife Edith Louisa Dawkins born in Citta della Pieve, Italy. Prof. Gianni Lombardi Private Communication
6 Aug 1906 Richard [Riccardo] Mazzarrini a son for Bruno Mazzarrini & his wife Edith Louisa Dawkins born in Citta della Pieve, Italy. Prof. Gianni Lombardi Private Communication


Alexander Sidney Godolphin Jauncey had his death registered in Brighton Sussex as Alexander S. G. Jauncey, the writer considers this to be a valid sighting. Unfortunately, the writer could not find this gentleman in 1901 UK Census Returns, neither were there any burial registers to be found on the www.ancestrylibrary.com website at Bolton, Lancs., UK., Central Library. http://www.freebmd.org.uk/
Bolton Central Library
4 July 1912 Whittred Mennell aged 37 years, his wife Alice aged 35 years, together with their three daughters - Dorothy aged 11 years, Beryl aged 8 years and Olive aged 5 years sail from Kingston, Jamaica to the United States aboard S.S. TURRIALBA a vessel owned by United Fruit Lines. This interesting because Whittred Mennel spent his New York life working with fruit, perhaps for that company. Turrialba is a volcanic region of Costa Rica and, apparently, some form of vegetation according to googled websites. Wayne & Carole Jones stated that the family arrived in New York on 14th July 1912 Passenger Manifest
www.ancestrylibrary.com at
Bolton Central Library
1 June 1915 Whittred Mannell aged 40 years, his wife Alice aged 37 years, together with their three daughters - Dorothy aged 14 years, Beryl aged 11 years and Olive aged 8 years still living in Kings County, New York. Whittred is a Fruit Checker, Alice is a housewife and the daughters are at school. 1915 USA Census via
Bolton Central Library
1916-1918 Richard MacGillivray Dawkins serves with Naval Intelligence on counter-espionage in Crete. In 1915 he had undertaken Red Cross work in Malta
7 January 1920 Whittred Mennell & his wife Alice are living at Albermarle Road, Borough of Brooklyn, Kings County, New York City with two of their three daughters; Beryl aged 15 yrs and Olive aged 13 years, their occupation is marked as 'none'. Whittred is a Fruit Inspector and Alice is keeping a boarding house with some eighteen occupants. 1920 USA Census via
Bolton Central Library
8 May 1925

Charles Eliot Jauncey MA LLB was born in Edinburgh; a son for John Henry Jauncey DSO & Bar, and his wife Muriel Charlie Dundas. Charles was grandson of Henry Hastings Jauncey and his wife Edith Blanche Pringle, great grandson of Henry John Jauncey and his wife Sophia Hubbard and great great grandson of Arabella Cobbe and her first husband Capt Henry Fyge Jauncey (1795-1821) 50th Foot and not to be confused with his uncle Capt Henry Fyge Jauncey RN (c1777-1834). He was also related to the writer's wife, Rev. Prof. Julia Davies, whose ancestor was Charlotte (Godolphin) Cobbe (1783-1858) sister of and one year older than Charles's ancestor Arabella Cobbe. Thus enjoying, with Julia, illustrious ancestors, their siblings and their relatives, that can be glimpsed in the various pedigrees, ascendant and descendant on this website, with more to be added. As stated elsewhere, even Geoffrey Chaucer was an in-law, married to Katherine Roet's sister.

His father Capt John Henry Jauncey commanded destroyers during WW1 and WW2. He attended Radley, and then, following in his father's footsteps, he joined the Royal Naval Voluntary Reserve. However, as sub-lieutenant in India, he was invalided out and suffered a permanent limp. He then read law at Christ Church Oxford and at Glasgow University.

On 11 September 1948 he married Jean Cunningham Graham in Culross Abbey, Fife. They were divorced in 1969. Whilst, in the main, working in Chancery matters, Wills, Estates and Trusts; he became involved with conservation and historic buildings and a taste for heraldry and genealogical issues. In 1951 he was appointed Member of the Royal Company of Archers (The Queen's Bodyguard in Scotland) and in 1963 he took silk. His first judicial appointment was in 1971 when he become Sheriff Principal for Fife and Kinross and then in 1972, for seven years, as judge in the Courts of Appeal of Jersey and Guernsey. In 1983 he presided over a 203 day case involving fluoride in water which, it appears, did not please him.

In 1983 Charles Eliot Jauncey became Baron Jauncey of Tullichettle, of Comrie, in the District of Perth and Kinross. His Times obituary refers to his time in the House of Lords where he was not bound by precedent, was skilled in brevity of expression and made an apt use of words.

When in Bergen around 1998, this writer and his wife, attended an organ recital given by Dr. Martin Neary. Whilst aware of the problems between Dr. Neary and the Dean of Westminster Abbey, little did we realise that a relative, even if distant, would be commissioner and arbitrator in that dispute and finding in favour of the Abbey. Lord Jauncey was also involved in overturning the decision of the RAF Air Marshals in blaming the Chinook pilots for the helicopter disaster on the Mull of Kintyre . The crash was of particular poignancy to the writer and his wife as one of those killed was the relative of a neighbour.

Lord Jauncey of Tullichettle (Charles Eliot Jauncey great great grandson of Arabella Cobbe) died 18 July 2007 aged 82 and was survived by his third wife, two sons and a daughter from his first marriage and a daughter from his third marriage to Camilla Cathcart in 1977.

London Times
13 Sept 1948
2 May 1973
11 Feb 1988
23 Jul 2007
24 July 2007

Burke's Landed Gentry of Scotland
Burke's 107th Edition -
Peerage, Baronetage & Knightage.

14 April 1927 Beryl Mennell, aged 23 years, a Secretary and living in Brooklyn, New York, returns from Cherbourg, France, aboard S.S. President Harding. This vessel was apparently built in 1922 and originally the S.S. President Taft - more details of this vessel can be googled. Passenger Manifest
www.ancestrylibrary.com at
Bolton Central Library
1 January 1928 Beryl Lucille Mennell applies for United States Citizenship www.ancestrylibrary.com
Bolton Central Library
5th May 1928 Ricardo Mazzarrini, having been living in Rome, arrives in New York, aboard S.S. Saturnia. His Petition for Naturalization
11 May 1928

Beryl Mennell, aged 24 years, a Secretary and living in Brooklyn, New York, returns from Kingston, Jamaica, aboard S.S. Sixaola. This vessel was owned by United Fruit S..S. Company. It was competed in 1911 in Belfast, Ireland. It was sunk on 13 June 1942 by German U Boat U-159, some 50 miles off Panama en route from Cristobal to New Orleans via Guatemala. Twenty nine of those aboard lost their lives but there were 172 survivors - http://uboat.net/allies/merchants/1795.html. There are other searchable sites via Google.

The Whittred Mennell connection with fruit is strong so, maybe, Whittred left Jamaica to become a New York representative for the fruit shipping company.

Passenger Manifest
www.ancestrylibrary.com at
Bolton Central Library
9th May 1929 Annie T. Dawkins, aged 56, arrives at Southampton aboard the Steamship INSULINDE, of the Royal Rotterdam Line, from Surabaya, Indonesia, bound for Rotterdam. Her address was given as; London SW1, 52 Lower Sloan St., [Similar to the address given in the 1933 probate listing, below]. Aboard with her was her brother; identified as, Richard M.G. Dawkins, Professor, Exeter College, Oxford, aged 57. Also aboard was the Marquis of Bute, aged 48, of London, 26, Queen Anne Gate. www.ancestrylibrary.com
Bolton Central Library
29th March 1930 Ricardo Mazzarrini marries Beryl Lucille Mennell, born 21st February 1904 in Kingston, Jamaica, British West Indies. The marriage took place at Great Neck, New York. Beryl entered the United States through New York on 9th July 1912. [According to the Wayne & Carole Jones sources, Beryl had the surname Cunningham] however, the Passenger List is dated 4th July 1912. They had only one child, a daughter Christina Diane Mazzarrini. US Petition for Citizenship Document 2039
19th June 1935

1st April 1930
New York Census

Riccardo Mazzarrini, Head, Home rented @ 70$/month, had a Radio Set, did not live on a farm, male , white, 24 yrs., married at age 25 yrs., not attended school or college since 1st Sept 1929, can read & write,  born in Italy, father Born in Italy, mother born in England, spoke Italian at   home,  Immigration yr., 1928, alien, Can speak English, Statistician, Airline Industry, waged, employed, not a veteran of the US Navy or Military;

Berel Mazzarrini [Originally entered as Beryl – enumerator changed the “y” to an “e”], Wife, Does not live on a farm, Female, White, 25 yrs., Married at age 26,  Can Read & Write,  Born, British West Indies [Kingston, Jamaica], As were her father & mother, spoke English at home, immigration yr., 1912, naturalised, secretary, advertising industry, waged & employed, not a veteran.

The writer's very careful transcription of the comprehensive Mazzarrini entry in the 1930 USA Census for King’s County, Brooklyn
District 24-867
Sup Dist 30 Page 174
ancestrylibrary.com - Bolton, Lancs., Public Library

5 December 1932 Christina Mazzarrini, daughter of Bruno & Edith Louisa Mazzarrini marries Rheinold Kollensberger in Lana d'Adige, Bolzano, Italy. They died in Bad Reichenhall, Germany; Christina on 7th January 1990 and Rheinhold on 27 November 1982. There were no children from the union Prof Gianni Lombardi
Private Communication
15tMay 1933 Annie Theodora of 51 Lower Sloane St., Middlesex, spinster, died in the Hospital of San Carlo at Frascati, near Rome. www.ancestrylibrary.com
Bolton Central Library
23rd Aug 1933 Annie Theodora  - Probate granted in London to Richard MacGillivray Dawkins and John MacGillivray Dawkins Esquires, in regard to their sister Annie Theodora of 51 Lower Sloane St., Middlesex, spinster, died 15(or 13th) May 1933 in the Hospital of St. Carlo Frascati, Nr. Rome. Probate London 23 August Effects £5932 10s 4d.  [about £UK5932.52p 2011] Probate Listings for 1933
www.ancestrylibrary.com at
Bolton Central Library

30th April

Christina Diane Mazzarrini, a daughter for Richard and Beryl Mazzarrini, is born in Brooklyn, New York, USA. The various Mazzarrini naturalisation documents, seen by this writer/webmaster, appear to indicate a date of 20th April 1930 but her daughter Christina is adamant that the date is 30th April 1934. This writer cannot possibly argue with that source. Christina, still living in 2013 married twice. Firstly, in 1955 to Karl Henry Freyer a USAF pilot. They were divorced in 1978 and he died in 2002. Secondly, to Walter Russell Hartvigsen on 29 January 1983 in Sarasota, Florida, USA. He was born 22 Aug 1923 in Iowa, USA and died 11 November 2012 in Sarasota, Florida, USA.

Christina Diane & Karl Henry Freyer had three daughters; Christina Dora, born 17 January 1957, Boston, Mass., USA; Jennifer Beryl, born 9 June 1959, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, USA and Karla Sue, born 28 November 1965, Elk Grove Village, Illinois, USA.

Petition for Citizenship
No. 2039 - below
Christina Dora Freyer -
Private communications.

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