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The Children of Richard Chaloner Cobbe A.M. & Sarah Burslem his wife:
Arabella Cobbe - Arabella Jauncey - Arabella Dawkins 1784 ..... 1873 Page (1)
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Pedigrees;  Her Jauncey Relatives;  Husbands, Children & Grandchildren;   Henry J Jauncey;   Alexander S G Jauncey;    Descendants in Italy  &  Descendants in the USA
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Arabella’s genealogy is very interesting but because important events occurred before the introduction of the Registration of Births, Marriages & Deaths in 1837 and because, it seems, that some of her married life may have been spent abroad, research has not been straightforward. The writer has begun to make contact with members of the Dawkins & related families and hopes that a respectable, authoritative and accurate narrative will unfold. Census returns and the Will of her second husband, Richard Dawkins, also point to her being Arabella Cobbe, daughter of Rev. Richard Chaloner Cobbe and his wife Sarah Burslem. To maintain continuity and context between family members and the mainly time-line nature of this narrative repetition will be inevitable and, of course, rank, qualifications, decorations and awards assigned to individuals are likely to have been achieved later in their life and not at the time of their birth as, perhaps, implied at various points in this narrative. This writer has to confess never to have truly understood relations in the context of "such and such a cousin number so and so times removed" so please forgive me for simply using the term cousin or, on occasion "cousin" if the relationship is somewhat more distant. During later updates and in order to hopefully maintain context, an individual, possibly together with spouses and relatives, will be contained mainly in a single row. The initial dates then being supplemented by later dates relating to events throughout their lives.

Arabella was one of the ten surviving children of Rev Richard Chaloner Cobbe, Rector of Bradenham, and his wife Sarah Burslem. She seems to have been the one who lived longest and had, as sisters, Charlotte Cobbe, ancestor of the wife of the writer, Frances Cobbe who married Hans Francis Hastings to become the 11th Earl & Countess of Huntingdon, Maria Vere Cobbe who may have been a seamstress and Mrs Bellamy who received a letter from the lawyer Lang regarding, almost certainly, the death of her nephew Charles Marshall Godolphin Cobbe who was buried, aged about 15 years, at St. Sepulchre in the City of London January 1837. Among her brothers were, the eldest, a Military Surgeon named Richard Chaloner Cobbe (#4) (1777-1829), Charles Cobbe Lt. RN (1779-c1798), who joined HMS Colossus at the age of 10 years in 1789 as Captain’s Servant and who disappeared from Steele’s Navy List April/June 1798. Finally, of the known lives of the siblings, Marshall Godolphin Cobbe Master RN, (1785-1820) father of  Charles Marshall Godolphin Cobbe and daughters Caroline & Frances who were active in aspects of the administration of the Godolphin Girls’ School, Salisbury. There remains Thomas Cobbe who followed his elder brother Marshall into Christ’s Hospital, in 1794 and leaving, in 1801, into the care of his eldest brother Richard Chaloner Cobbe (4)’s friend, Isabella Maria Forbes but no more is known of Thomas Cobbe (1786-?), or of Willoughby (1790-?), as yet.

The Cobbe-Dawkins line entered an Italian phase, together with an American phase, with descendants still alive. The Rear-Admiral’s daughters, Edith Louisa Dawkins and Mary Katherine Dawkins, visited Italy on a "grand tour" around 1900 and met and married the Italian brothers, Bruno and Guelfo Mazzarrini. Bruno and Edith’s son Richard (Riccardo) Mazzarrini emigrated to the United States in 1928 and became a citizen of that country c1935 as is narrated below. Richard married a 1912 immigrant from Kingston Jamaica named Beryl Mennell born 21st Feb 1904. They had a daughter, Christina Diane Mazzarrini, born in Brooklyn, New York on 20th April 1934. Christina's children and grandchildren are still living in the USA, mainly Florida. This romantic Italian event was echoed in many ways by the marriage of the Marsh brothers - (Brigadier General) Frank Graham Marsh (then a Lieutenant in the Indian Army) and his brother Hubert Henry Lovatt Lloyd Marsh; a Curate at Bolton Parish Church before becoming a Cantor at Manchester Cathedral, married the Haslam sisters both at Christchurch, Heaton, Bolton, Lancashire, UK. Hubert married Ellen Clare Haslam, 4 October 1906 with the celebrated Wingates Temperance Brass Band playing at the reception. Frank married Ellen's sister Mary Ursula Clare Haslam, 3rd January 1907. Frank and Ursula had a short honeymoon before returning to India. The Haslam family were prominent in the Cotton industry in Bolton. The Marsh brothers descended from the tenth child, Katherine (of James Burslem and Elizabeth Godolphin, whereas the Cobbe children descend from their second son (Rev Dr.) James Burslem DD JP (c1720-1786) who was buried at St. Margaret, Westminster,UK January 1787. It is hoped a Marsh time-line will be added to this website before too long.

There are also the descendants of Mary Katherine Dawkins and Guelfo Mazzarrini who still live in Italy. One in particular, Prof. Gianni Lombardi, has been most helpful with information about the Dawkins/Mazzarrini/Lombardi families. This writer and his wife, Gianni's distant cousin, had the pleasure of a visit from Gianni and his wife Patrizia during the spring of 2012. Gianni has produced a splendid family history encompassing the not only his Italian ancestors but also a comprehensive narrative about his English, Scottish and Welsh lineage.

2nd Jun 1776
Arabella's Parents Marry
in St. Peter's Parish Church
Market Bosworth

Rev Richard Chaloner Cobbe (c21yrs) and Sarah Burslem (c18yrs), cousins, marry at St. Peter’s Parish Church, Market Bosworth, Leics.  Their grandmothers were sisters – Mary & Elizabeth Godolphin of East Coulston, Wilts, respectively. In turn, their mother was Elizabeth Dixie of Bosworth Hall, Market Bosworth which is now a Hotel and close by the church there. Elizabeth Dixie married Francis Godolphin, Governor of the Isle of Scilly. Richard and Sarah were parents of some thirteen children with about three dying in infancy, leaving ten alive in 1793 when Richard made successful application for the admission of son Marshall Godolphin Cobbe to Christ’s Hospital, through consanguinity with Sir Wolstan Dixie (c1524-1594), Lord Mayor of London and President of Christ’s Hospital.

St. Peter Parish Register
Nicolls – Antiquities of Leics. Christ’s Hospital Papers, London Metro Archives,
Oxford DNB
Leics & Nottingham Journal Sat. 4th May 1776 – Report of the Cobbe, Burslem Wedding

11th October 1784 Easton, Hants
Arabella's Baptism

The baptism of "Arabella, daugr of the Revd Richd Chalr Cobbe & Sarah his wife, private bapt"
[Her parents were Rev. Richard Chaloner Cobbe (3) & his wife Sarah Burslem. They were cousins; Richard had
Mary Godolphin = Lt. Col. Richard Chaloner Cobbe (1) as grandparents & his wife Sarah had Mary's sister Elizabeth Godolphin = James Burslem as grandparents]

Easton Parish Register/
Bishop's Transcripts - microfiche at LDS FHC Chorley, Lancs., UK
Her father, Rev Richard Chaloner Cobbe was Curate there.

25 March 1787 Richard Dawkins, Arabella's second husband was born sometime before this date Private Communication
Prof. Gianni Lombardi

17January 1795

Capt. Henry Fyge Jauncey 50th Regiment of Foot, Arabella’s future first husband was born on this date. He was baptised at St Chad's, Shrewsbury, UK., 22 January 1795. Throughout these researches a second Henry Fyge Jauncey (B) kept on turning up. Present in (1) Burke's Landed Gentry of Scotland but buried in a file in the writer's collection but, absent from (2) Burke's 107th Edn - "Peerage, Baronetage and Knightage", in the writer's collection and the one most recently referred to. Returning to (1) it was discovered that the "other" Henry Fyge Jauncey was a Post Captain in the Royal Navy and uncle to Arabella's Henry Fyge Jauncey.

However, concentrating on Arabella's husband Capt Henry Fyge Jauncey, 50th Foot. Not a great deal is as yet known about Arabella's husband. The Church of the Latter Day Saints Search web-site shows him to have been baptised at St. Chad's in Shrewsbury 22 January 1975, the son of John Jauncey Capt. in the 69th Regiment of Foot; who was born in 1767 and died in Port au Prince, San Domingo (now it seems, the Haitian part of the island), the other part now, presumably, the Island of Dominica. He was not happy with the appointment and delayed his departure to take up the appointment. Two brothers had earlier died in the region. John Jauncey married Jane Knight whose father was Admiral Sir John Knight KCB who had married a Margaret Ryoch. Henry Fyge Jauncey (A) became an Ensign without purchase in the 50th Foot in 1807 at the tender age of about 12 years. He became Captain without purchase in 1819 in the same regiment and died in Jamaica in 1821. He was wounded during the Peninsular War where his brother John Knight Jauncey, Major 10th Foot, also served, 1812-1814.

Captain Henry Fyge Jauncey RN - a brief narrative reveals the following: he, like his brother John Jauncey (Arabella's father in law), was the son of Fyge Jauncey (1736 - 1813) Rector of Castle Camps, Cambridge who was married to Helen White. The naval Henry Fyge Jauncey was baptised 22 Jan 1777 and died in Dartmouth, Devon 1834. He made his will at Dartmouth on 16 September 1823, as Captain in the Royal Navy, mentioning his late brother-in-law Roger Bidgood Whitney who appears to have left him estates and effects. Henry married Jane Whitney at St. Saviour's, Dartmouth, Devon, UK., on 24 March 1800. He died at Dartmouth in 1834 and Jane, who was baptised at what seems to have been the family church, St. Clement, Dartmouth, 22 November 1780, died at St. James's Place, Exeter, 24 March 1863, at about 83 years of age. Page (0) of the descendant chart shows them as having nine children -

Fyge Henry (sometimes, it seems called Henry Fyge); Horatio who entered the Royal Navy, Charles, born 30 January 1804; Frances, born 3 Nov 1808 who married Rev. Henry Ratclyffe Surtees at Sittingbourne Parish Church 27 May 1846; Francis (actually a daughter according to records); John Bidgood (carrying on what appears to be a family name); Robert; Henry White (another family name it appears), baptised 5 April; 1816; and finally George Mundy, Born 21 Sept 1819 and Baptised 10 April 1832 at Dartmouth, he died as "son of the late Capt Henry Fyge Jauncey", in Dartmouth, Devon, UK., 11 July 1901.

Some of the children appear to have been baptised by their grandfather,Fyge Jauncey, at Castle Camps., Cambridge and others were baptised as "a job lot" on 23 June 1832, whilst one appears to have been christened/baptised twice. The gaps between birth and baptism may reflect the absence of their father, although, living in Dartmouth, using the same church throughout, difficult rural travel would not have been a problem. The writer's great grandparents had multiple baptisms in the 1890s, perhaps wanting their children to be baptised at a particular church.

Capt H F Jauncey RN was mentioned a number of times in the London Gazette for his exploits and in particular for his "great attention to the guns on the main deck" whilst Lieutenant aboard what seems to have been HMS Thetis around October 1799. On 13 February 1818 Commander Henry Fyge Jauncey Esq., and his crew aboard the sloop Hope seized the Fox open boat with other events noted - shares of prized money amounted to £111 19shillings 11and a half pence for a First Class vessel (presumably down to 18 shillings 11 and a halfpence for an Eighth class vessel - a between value was £3 14 shillings 7 pence and three farthings. In present day currency (but not corresponding value) these figures would be about £111.998p (say £120); about 95p and around £3 73p - wow probably quite tidy sums in those days. One wonders at the share of an able seaman or that of a lower rank.



London Gazette

Burke's Landed Gentry of Scotland
Burke's 107th Edition -
Peerage, Baronetage & Knightage.

London Times - On-line via Manchester Central Library
There is no point in giving a link to the Times Archive as the website appears not to be available to individuals except via some organisation; in this case for members of the
Manchester Central Library with members being able to access the site from home.

British Newspaper Archive

Whilst the BNA summaries are useful it is usually better to spend a little money to obtain the full article. This writer waits for a number of articles to be retrieved to make it worthwhile spending up to two days retrieving up to 100 pages for, currently, 25-jun-2013, £6.95p GB - the cheapest option;
details on the website.

The above is simply for information and not an advert


London Gazette
page 384 London
23 Feb 1819

20th Jan 1817
Arabella marries
her first husband

Arabella Cobbe, daughter of Rev. Richard Chaloner Cobbe married Henry Jauncey, Capt. 50th Regt. of Foot, in the Diocese of Clogher, Ulster. This is interesting because of the strong Irish connection. Her grandfather was Rev Richard Chaloner Cobbe (2) LL.D., Rector of Finglas and his uncle, Charles Cobbe, was Lord Archbishop of Dublin with family living near Dublin at Donabate. This needs further study. Alec Cobbe of the Cobbe Collection at Hatchlands & Newbridge House, Donabate is a direct descendent of the Archbishop. Hatchlands is owned by the National Trust & Newbridge House by "Dublin City Council", or so it is understood. Arabella was clearly a member of a complex and far flung family with lineage that with little doubt includes William the Conqueror. John of Gaunt, the Sir Thomas Chaloners, the Chaloner Regicides, that Archbishop of Dublin, a Bishop of Southwark and Coventry, a Bishop of Worcester and Winchester who helped edit the "King James" Bible and who gave the sermon at King James 1's 1603 coronation. In the wider family there were two VCs and perhaps five or more MCs. The list goes on....

Dalton's "Archbishops of Dublin"
Rev RC Cobbe (2)
Alec Cobbe , "Clerics & Connoisseurs"
Edited Alistair Laing
ISBN 1850748039
Burke, Landed Gentry (Scotland)

1817 - 1822 A daughter named Edith was born but, to date, sadly, nothing is known about her. Private Communication
Prof. Gianni Lombardi

c 1819

Henry John Jauncey, Capt., 67th (Wiltshire Regiment) and formerly Lieutenant 99th (Lanarkshire) Regiment was born. He was the eldest son of Arabella and Henry Fyge Jauncey and probably born in Ireland. He married Sophia Hubbard daughter of the Rev. Henry Hubbard, Rector of Cheriton, Hampshire, UK., where many of their children were baptised. They had three sons and one daughter:

Henrietta Helen Jauncey baptised 20 Novembeb1850 and was the eldest child. The sons were Henry Hastings Jauncey Cmdr RN, baptised 26 October 1851 who married Edith Blanche Pringle on 30 July 1885 and died at Sandown, Isle of White on 5th February 1890; Francis Hasting Jauncey baptised 20 November 1853 and Charles Honyman Fyge Jauncey baptised 9th October 1859, the 1871 census find Charles at school in Hornsey, Edmonton Middlesex, UK., run by, it seems, Cornelius P. Newcombe. All Henry and Edith's children were baptised at Cheriton, Hampshire, most likely by their grandfather.

It may be interesting to note that Henry Hastings Jauncey served aboard both HMS Zealous and HMS Iron Duke. As will be seen on the next page Henry's half uncle, Richard Dawkins, was Captain of Rear Admiral George Fowler Hastings's Flagship HMS Zealous in the Pacific in 1866. Moreover, Richard Dawkins was Captain of HMS Vanguard when it was rammed and sunk by the Iron Duke off Wicklow Head, Ireland in 1873. The Admiral's mother Frances Cobbe and Henry's grandmother Arabella Cobbe were sisters.

It may also be interesting to note that 99th Lanarkshire Regiment was amalgamated with the 62nd Wiltshire Regiment to become the 99th Duke of Edinburgh's Wiltshire Regiment in 1881. Descendants of Henry's aunt, Charlotte Cobbe (his mother's sister,) fought in the 2nd Battalion, The Wiltshire Regiment during World War 1. They were Capt. Vivian Hastings Clay who was killed in action at 5.30 a.m. on his 24th birthday, 18th October 1916 and Capt. Robert Robert Richard Clay MC, Vivian's first cousin, their father's were brothers, who survived both the Boer War and WW1 to live to the age of 82 years, as a Brewer's Area Manager, living in Portsmouth, a city that appears significantly in the lives of various branches of the Cobbe and Burslem (Godolphin) families.

Burke's Landed Gentry of Scotland

Lanarkshire Regiment

London Times On-Line
Reports on the sinking and the
subsequent Court martial
when Capt Richard Dawkins was found guilty. A verdict not supported by many in the Royal Navy. However, Richard, never again putting to sea but reached the rank of Rear Admiral.
Please see above about restrictions in the use of the London Times Archive website.

1820 The youngest son was Alexander Sidney Godolphin, Capt., 11th Regiment of Foot with only known issue; Edith Frances Arabella Jauncey who married 6th Feb 1871, Col Sir Alexander Campbell 6th Bt., RA, of Aberuchill. Edith died 29th January 1884, leaving issue, two sons and four daughters. Her husband died 23 May 1914. It appears that Alexander S. G. Jauncey witnessed the Will of Richard Dawkins, Arabella's second husband. Alexander appears to have died in Brighton, Sussex, UK., in 1904 - his death being registered there during the September Quarter of 1904. Nothing about him has been found in the 1901 UK Census and so far there are no records available, on line, as to his burial. Burke, Landed Gentry (Scotland)
at Bolton Central Library

1821 - Arabella's First Husband Dies

Husband Henry Fyge Jauncey dies in Jamaica aged about 26 years.


20th July 1826
Arabella's 2nd Husband

Arabella Jauncey married her second husband Richard Dawkins at Nursling, Hants

Burke, Landed Gentry (Scotland)
Prof Gianni Lombardi
17 August 1828 Birth of Richard Dawkins, later Rear Admiral Richard Dawkins, a son for Richard and Arabella Dawkins  
3rd October 1828
Arabella's Third Son
Richard Dawkins, Arabella's third son, and only child from her marriage to Richard Dawkins, later a Rear Admiral, was baptised at St. Mary's, Portsea, Hants https://www.familysearch.org/
3 Nov 1840 Mary Louisa McGillivray, future wife of (Rear-Admiral) Richard Dawkins was born in Lewisham Parish. https://www.familysearch.org/
1841 Richard Dawkins enters the Navy aged about 13 years. His uncle Lt. Charles Cobbe RN (1779- c1798) joined HMS Colossus as Captain's Servant, 24th Sept 1789 aged just 10 years. He stayed aboard Colossus for 1 year 3 weeks and 2 days, he then spent a year or so ashore before joining HMS Niger as Able Seaman, for 1 year 8 months 3 days before progressing to other naval vessels. Of course, both had relatives of considerable note, a first cousin was Admiral George Fowler Hastings, son of Frances Cobbe and Hans Francis Hastings, their grandfather Rev. Dr. James Burslem DD JP's younger brother, Capt Francis Burslem RN., then there was Admiral Robert Fairfax of Gibraltar fame, great grandson of lineal ancestor Sir Philip Fairfax of Steeton, uncle to Sir Thomas (Black Tom) Fairfax, 3rd Baron Fairfax and, most famously perhaps; Howard of Effingham.

A splendid & informative website
"Fairfax of York", Gerry Webb,
Maxiprint, 2001
National Archives, Kew,
Naval Records

1841 Census No sign of the families (Jauncey & Dawkins) in the hopefully, well searched 1841 Census returns, so far! www.ancestrylibrary.com at
Bolton Central Library

2 March 1848



Richard Dawkins becomes Lt. RN aged about 20 years. His uncle, Lt. Charles Cobbe RN, (1779- c1798) an elder brother of his mother Arabella, received his Lieutenant's. Pass Certificate from Cuthbert Collingwood, aboard HMS Excellent, off Cadiz, on 11th April 1797,  aged about 18 years. He then joined HMS St. George as Lieutenant and according to naval paperwork, his transfer to HMS St. George was through HMS Victory. Charles appears to have died in 1798, disappearing from Steel's Navy List, April/June 1798. Apart from some handwritten notes, in a book in the library at the National Archives, Kew, which indicated that he had died, no other details have, as yet, been found. Muster books and pay rolls from HMS St. George are apparently missing, so, it has not been possible to see if Charles had been transferred elsewhere within the Royal Navy.

And Naval Records studied by the writer at the National Archives, Kew, UK

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