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Captain Francis Burslem R.N. (1723 - 1801) & Descendants
His Descendants in the Context of the Descendants of James Burslem & Elizabeth Godolphin
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The Burslems
William Burslem MP
James Bursem
Elizabeth Godolphin
Rev James Burslem DD JP
The Greswalds
Sarah Oldershaw
Humphrey Greswald
Willoughby James Burslem
Marshall William Burslem
Sarah Burslem
William Burslem
Nathaniel Burslem
Major Rollo Gillespie Burslem
Rollo's Wife Sophia
Their children
Lt. Sturt
Nathaniel Burslem VC
Harry Biggs of Stockton, Wilts
Margaretta Biggs
Maj Gen Yeatman Biggs
Bishop Huyshe Biggs

The Cobbes

Richard Chaloner Cobbes (1), (2), (3) & (4)


Capt Francis Burslem Descent

With thanks to Crhis Tomlinson for re-kindling interest in Franacis Burslem Capt. R.N.
And to the sources noted on the chart

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