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Ian Valentine alias Sgt. Christopher Arthur Valentine
Actually,   Ian (Ion) Hastings Webb Carter

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August 2009

Following a letter sent by the writer to the Western Front Association's Journal - "The Bulletin", Information about Ian arrived from two sources followed by a successful Google Trawl

Ian Valentine was, in fact, one of two aliases he employed. The other was S/21681 Sgt. Christopher Arthur Valentine MM, of the 5th Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders.

In reality he was Ian Hastings Webb Carter, the son, brother, and uncle of members of a distinguished family and known by that family as Ion. Whilst the source of Valentine is yet to be determined it is interesting to note the name he may have intended to convey.    Perhaps fancifull, but please consider the following: C(hristopher) ARThUR near enough his family name.

It was as S/21681 Sgt. Christopher Arthur Valentine MM that he was killed in May 1917 aged 23 years, and he is commemorated upon the Arras Memorial, according to the writer's source .

Some seven days or so after he was Gazetted M.M. his father was Gazetted KCMG to become Sir John Thomas Carter.

Having read Ian's lively letters, sent to Capt. Vivian Hasting Clay's family over a period of some three months, it was devasting to discover he was killed, possibly by friendly fire, some seven months after Vivian's death on the battlefield. Please see next page for a little more information

As nothing could/can be found on the CWGC database, the National Archives nor on
the "Soldiers Died" CD, the writer assumed that maybe he had survived to produce
a Valentine acting dynasty thinking perhaps that Anthony Valentine
the distinguished actor was part of that dynasty. That notion is now clearly incorrect.

It has come to the Webmaster's attention (May 2015) that a letter received by Ian Hastings Webb Carter's family, stated that he had been killed by enemy machine gun fire. On re-reading the 3rd May 1917 diary extract, it can be seen that heavy enemy machine gun fire was also mentioned. My original reasonable conclusion regarding friendly fire may have been erroneous. Apologies.

Lest we forget

Stephen Binks

The London Times on-line
via Manchester Central Library


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