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Ian Valentine's Brothers - An Overview
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Aug 2009

Following a letter sent by the writer to the Western Front Association's Journal - "The Bulletin", Information about Ian arrived from two sources followed by a successful Google Trawl

Ian, or Ion, as he was known to the family had as brothers many distinguished members of the military.
One line, had Colonels the 33rd Foot - The Duke of Wellington's West Riding Regiment in it.
Sir Evelyn Webb Carter being the last, his father, the penulimate

Neither Ian Hastings Webb Carter (Ian Valentine) nor Vivian Hastings Clay could have known of the coincidences of their fateful battlefield encounter at 5.30 am on 18th October 1916
as Vivian died from his chest wound.
Vivian's ancestor Lt. Col. Richard Chaloner Cobbe and his brother Capt William Cobbe served in

Colonel Henry Hawley's Regiment of Foot
(33rd Foot, - 1st Battalion The Duke of Wellington's (West Riding) Regiment)

More to follow

Lest we forget

Stephen Binks

The London Times on-line
via Manchester Central Library

Plus other sources to be posted


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