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It had been suggested by informed sources that the Rev. Richard Chaloner Cobbe (3), Rector of Bradenham, and his wife Sarah Burslem had fourteen or more children.  It now appears that there were thirteen children. A number supported by his application to Christ's Hospital in 1793 for their son Marshall Godolphin Cobbe where he referred to ten children. The writer diefinitely knows that there were three infant deaths by that time making a total of thirteen.

As evidenced by the title page of "Julia St. Helen......", a novel Sarah Cobbe published in June 1800, Richard Chaloner Cobbe died before that date, perhaps 1798 , the end-year of his Rectorship at Bradenham and the year of the death of their son Lt. Charles Cobbe RN. Their son, Marshall Godolphin Cobbe's Indenture as "Apprentice Mariner", supported by the 1799 Feast of the Sons of the Clergy and dating from 1800, also provides evidence that Rev Richard Chaloner Cobbe (3) died before 27th February 1800.

*Please Note also: Strictly speaking, Thomas Cobbe, his wife Veriana Chaloner, and their three sons were not Godolphins, but they're sufficiently close, the writer reckons, to include them on this web site. The same may be argued for other related families, including the Sheffields (Earls of Mulgrave and Buckingham), the Plantagenets, the Fairfax families, the Dixies, the Beaumonts, the Hastings, the Nevills and so on. Even Geoffrey Chaucer of "Canterbury Tales" was an in-law.

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