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The Clays, Related Families & The Webb Carters

Robert Clay, his wife Charlotte (Godolphin) Cobbe and their son: Charles Robert Clay,
his wife Frederica Ford and their children:
Challoner Clay, his wife
Anne Kinnard Harris and their children:
Robert Richard Clay 1817 - 1880 Robert Richard Clay MC Richard Chaloner Cobbe Clay 1890 - 1972
Robert Richard Clay, Surgeon,
his wife Harriet Clarke and
their children
Harriet Clay 1847 ...   Cpl Ian Valentine,
Alias Sgt Christopher Arthur Valentine MM,
real name - Ian (Ion) Hastings Webb Carter
Alice Clay 1849 - 1937   Vivian - Ian Valentine's Letters
(1) , (2) & (3),  (4) and
the first letter he wrote (5)
Charles Robert Clay 1851 - 1902   Ian Valentine's Parents
Challoner Clay 1858 - 1916   Ian Valentine's Brothers
Flora A. Clay   Sybil Harriet Kinnard Clay 1894
Alfred Hastings Clay 1856 ... Madeline Clay, her husband,
Archibald Kerley Holland
and their children
Richard Chaloner Cobbe Clay, his wife(1)
Anne Sarah Francis & children.
Wife (2) Dorothy Ineson
Charlotte Godolphin Clay 1854 - 1924 Kenneth Archibald Holland Violet Chaloner Clay 1918 -
  Madeline Alice Holland &
Husband George Russell Wheeler OBE MM
Vivian Chaloner Clay 1919
    Dr. Richard Chaloner Cobbe Clay
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