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Capt. Vivian Hastings Clay   2nd Battalion The Wiltshire Regiment - Letter (5) Pages 1 & 2
Ian Valentine's First Letter of Condolence - 22nd October 1916 - Transcribed by a Clay Family Member
This was the first letter to be sent by Ian Valentine - It gives his Army Number - It is the same as that of Sgt C. A. Valentine
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22nd Oct: 1916B. Company
5th Cameron Highlanders

The letters were "catalogued" in the order in which they were received. Hence the reference numbers
do not reflect the
- sorry!

Dear Sir,

Without doubt, by now, you have had official intimation of your son's death. I hope to give you at his own request a less bald idea of a brave man's end

In the atack of October 18th. your son's regiment advanced on the right of us, and in the darkness and the rain one of the Wiltshire Companies got mixed with ours. Your son was in command - in fact was the only officer present. After setting a splendid example in grenade throwing, he endeavoured to persuade his men to dig a communications trench to our lines. They were most reluctant, so he and I went out into the open in the hope that they would follow. Almost immediately he was struck in the back. He fell but was able to speak quite distinctly. He said "I'm done, boy! Let my father know. Promise me that." I said he would be alright soon, but he insisted that he was dying and reiterated his request. I promised.

(Page 2)

Then he died.

I feel that this must be some consolation to you who have lost him, to know that he died a very splendid death. I can add nothing except that one of the memories I shall carry to the end is the end of a very gallant gentleman.

Believe me Sir.
Yours very sincerely,
Ian Valentine.

(Corpl: 21681) 

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