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Flora Mary Elizabeth Penruddocke (1891-1960) - Fiance of Capt. Vivian Hastings Clay
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Overview:  The following was inspired by Mr Robert Snow’s archives1 which include two images of Flora from around 1916. There are also mentions of her in a number of letters in the archive. Unfortunately, none are from Flora herself. Some information is available from Burke’s Landed Gentry2 – England and what appears to be the St Catherine’s House Index together with UK census returns 1841-1901 available through libraries via  www.ancestrylibrary.com 3 but not available, sadly, from home for free. Use was also made of http://www.freebmd.org.uk 4 which proved of help but the project is incomplete and extends only to c 1984. Nevertheless, a brilliant concept and an extremely useful facility that can be accessed from home.   This time line complements the one for Capt Vivian Hastings Clay with some items from Vivian’s duplicated for continuity. Manchester Public Library provides access, from home, to the Oxford National Biographical Dictionary5, the London Times Digital Archive6 (1785-1985), the Sunday Observer and Guardian, Whose Who and Who was Who7.  The Penruddocke family has been documented in various volumes of “Visitation of England & Wales”, Joseph Jackson HOWARD (1827-1902) & Frederick Arthur CRISP (1851-1922), privately published. To date, Volume 28 – 1894; Volume 48 – 1902 and Volume 58 – 1897 have been studied - (the writer has seen two copies of Volume 5, 1897. Copy 250 & Copy 320 – they differ in the information given). The entries range from early 16th C through to c 1894, as, so far ascertained. The writer owns Copy 145 of Volume 2 with the internet providing copies of the other volumes. The writer & his wife rarely pass a S/H bookshop in a quest for additional volumes. Because of copyright problems, the quoted extracts are not always verbatim. Please see end for source index.
CHARLES PENRUDDOCKE, FLORA’S FATHER born at 26, Upper Grosvenor Street, Park Lane, London.
CHARLES PRUDDOCKE, FLORA’S FATHER, publicly received into the Church at Compton Chamberlayne
ANNIE ELIZABETH DICKENSON MARIE CAREW BRAMPFORD SPEKE, Flora’s mother, born at Sheldon Court, Devon. Her father was, Rev. William Speke cousin of the African explorer
ANNIE ELIZABETH DICKENSON MARIE CAREW BRAMPFORD SPEKE, Flora’s mother, baptised at Skenfrith, Monmouthshire.
CHARLES PENRUDDOCKE, FLORA’S FATHER enters Pembroke College, Cambridge.
HORACE EDGAR BOWLE, Letitia Penruddocke’s  future husband born in Salisbury, Wilts.  He was educated at Pembroke College, Cambridge, BA – 1908 and became Consul General in HM’s Foreign Service. He served in the USA, Colombia (Charge de Affairs, 1914), France, Belgium, Argentina and Portuguese East Africa. He married Letitia Constance Penruddocke in 1917 (see below) and retired on a Pension in 1944.  He died 5 March 1978 aged about 92 years.
FLORA MARY ELIZABETH PENRUDDOCKE, VIVIAN’S FUTURE FIANCÉE born at 6.30. A.m. at Bratton St. Maur, Somerset. Baptised privately at the Mansion, Bratton St. Maur, 13th March 1891 by Rev. Robert Wilkes Goss, Rector of the parish. Publicly received into the Church at Compton Chamberlayne, Co. Wilts., 5th July 1891, by the Vicar Rev. Dudley Digges. Flora died at Poole in 1960 aged 69 and apparently unmarried.
FLORA MARY ELIZABETH PENRUDDOCKE AND FAMILY ARE LIVING AT BRATTON ST. MAUR, SOMERSET, the household consisting of:  Charles Penruddocke, Head, 30 years, JP living on own means; Annie E. Penruddocke, wife, 28 years, Flora M. E. Penruddocke, daughter, 5 weeks [? – about right - GGD], a Nurse – Emily Eacott – 25 years – Domestic servant.
CHARLES PENRUDOCKE, FLORA’S GRANDFATHER at Compton Park as follows: Charles Penruddocke – 62 years – JP Barrister at Law, living on own means; Flora H. Penruddocke, wife, 62 years, Constance H. L. Penruddocke , daughter,  34 years; Sybil H. L. Penruddocke, daughter, 28 years, and 8 servants including Cook, Housemaids, Butler and Footman.
CHARLES PENRUDOCKE – General Medical Practitioner duly registered, married, aged 34 years, wife Annie, aged 39 years, George Wyndam Penruddocke, son, aged 6 years; and two servants. [See below – cousin to Charles Penruddocke of Compton Park  and “foster parent” to Flora’s sister Letitia following ruling by Mr Justice Bigham in Feb 1903 – GGD]
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