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The Parish Church of St. Nicholas, Chiswick
Sir Thomas Chaloner, The Younger   &   His second Wife Judith Blount - Commentary on Inscriptions
By Kind Permission of Chiswick Parish Church

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Clay Families
Cobbe Families
Capt Vivian
Hastings Clay
Vivian's life
Fovant P Church
Vivian's Memorial
Capt Robert Richard Clay MC
Ian Valentine
Ian's Parents
Ian's Brothers
Ian Valentine's Letters to the Clays
(1), (2), (3), (4) & (5)
Duke of Wellington's West Yorkshire Regt
Lt Col Richard Chaloner Cobbe
Archbishop Charles Cobbe
Capt. William Cobbe
Feast of the Sons of the Clergy - 1799 - Sermon


The writer feels it would be somewhat pedantic and superfluous of him to transcribe
the Memorial Inscriptions of the original itself, as, no doubt,
anyone reading same would be aware of the Roman/Latin nature of the Calligraphy
V = U, I = J, Y = I

readers will be aware of the current spellings of names and places, supported
both by the literature (Burke, Debrett et al) and indeed the phonetics,
just to make the point;
Fletwood = Fleetwood,   Blvnt = Blunt, Henrey = Henry, Arthvre = Arthur, Ivde = Judith

King Henry IV was it seems, Henry IV of France .

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