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Major Rollo Gillespie Burslem
Governor of the Military Knights of Windsor - Sources
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The Burslems
William Burslem MP
James Bursem
Elizabeth Godolphin
Rev James Burslem DD JP
The Greswalds
Sarah Oldershaw
Humphrey Greswald
Willoughby James Burslem
Marshall William Burslem
Sarah Burslem
William Burslem
Nathaniel Burslem
Major Rollo Gillespie Burslem
Rollo's Wife Sophia
Their children
Lt. Sturt
Nathaniel Burslem VC
Harry Biggs of Stockton, Wilts
Margaretta Biggs
Maj Gen Yeatman Biggs
Bishop Huyshe Biggs

The Cobbes

Richard Chaloner Cobbes (1), (2), (3) & (4)


Much of the information relating to Rollo Gillespie Burslem and his family derives from the invaluable Mormon Website; Family Search: https://www.familysearch.org/. However, one must be very careful using this site as it is, with over sites, prone to transcription errors and one must devise ways of overcoming this. For example, using a different name likely to be at the same location. When a transcribed result is obtained then it should be compared to an image of an original document, if at all possible. The writer has used Mormon Family History Centres in the past and it is often possible to hire, at reasonable cost for a reasonable lenght of time microfilms or fiches of original documents.

The writer has also visited Local and County Records Offices and the National Archives at Kew can provide, in many cases, almost instantaneous downloads of wills and other documents in their possession. When visiting, it is now possible to use a camera to photograph document utilising the copying stands provided there - digital cameras are ideal as images can be examined for focus, quality and exposure after an exposure. Large documents can be a problem unless a really good wide angle lens is used. The documents have to be photographed in sections which can be troublesome to re-construct in an image manipulation package, even Photoshop. Doing this hand held as is necessary in most records offices can be particularly troublesome as it is not easy to maintain the position of the camera when hand held.

Wills created after about 1858 were located at York but, more recently postal requests are processed at Leeds and orders can take weeks to be processed.

This writer uses ancestrylibrary.com at his local library. It provides searchable UK and foreign Census returns, Shipping lists, and a searchable SAt. Catherine's House Index for parts of the UK but Scotland poses a problem and it is necessary to use Scottish websites. Software and applications such as these have contributed to the writer's reduced use of the local Mormon Family History Centre which was about the best place to do research some 15 or 20 years ago. It will probably still be a good place for many original parish documents provided parishes have provided the Mormon Church with copies. If not, then it may still mean a trip to an appropriate Records Office or a request for a search. If a date is known for a baptism, marriage or burial then the cost may, with luck, be limted to a nominal charge for a photocopy.

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