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Rollo Gillespie Burslem and His Wife Sophia
Their Children? & Rollo's Nephew Godolphin Finney Burslem

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The Burslems
William Burslem MP
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Rev James Burslem DD JP
The Greswalds
Sarah Oldershaw
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Willoughby James Burslem
Marshall William Burslem
Sarah Burslem
William Burslem
Nathaniel Burslem
Major Rollo Gillespie Burslem
Rollo's Wife Sophia
Their children
Lt. Sturt
Nathaniel Burslem VC
Harry Biggs of Stockton, Wilts
Margaretta Biggs
Maj Gen Yeatman Biggs
Bishop Huyshe Biggs

The Cobbes

Richard Chaloner Cobbes (1), (2), (3) & (4)

Any narrative about the children of Rollo Gillespie Burslem and his wife Sophia Lee (nee Fowler) is complicated by obfuscation and intrigue; an observation shared between this writer and others attempting to unravel Roll's & Sophia's families' lives. Whilst daughter Flora (Sophia) and son Rollo had their births formally registered in Portsmouth, with mysteriously "funny" names, the other two children, identified as daughters in later sources, also cause confusion.

Daughter Emily Elizabeth Burslem was recognised as daughter Emily in the 1871 UK census and was stated to have been born in Diamond Harbour, West Bengal. Who was the mother? Was Sophia in India with Rollo in 1842? However, as shown below, a Sophia Lee had a daughter, Emily Elizabeth Lee, baptised at St. Mark's, Kennington in August 1842.

Sophia Lee had another daughter Emma Elizabeth Lee baptised, on 10th Sept 1843, accompanied by her husband Richard Lee, at St. Mary, Portsea. This was just one day before she registered son Rollo at Portsmouth Register Office - Rollo and Emma could have been twins! How did Sophia manage to keep her two lives separate, possibly naming the twin son a Burslem and the twin daughter a Lee???

Rollo Gillespie Burslem's Last Will and Testament recognised Emma Elizabeth as a Burslem and as his daughter. She was, effectively, sole beneficiary. In turn, Emma's last Will and Testament of 1906 declares Rollo's granddaughter Lilian [Lilian Fanny Cora Wyatt aka Mrs Lilian Kingman of 173 Mulberry St., Buffalo, Erie, New York] as her niece and main beneficiary with Rollo Gillespie Burslem's nephew John Godolphin Burslem, living, it seems, in South Africa, as cousin and secondary beneficiary.

It would be nice if someone, perhaps a descendant of the Wyatt family, who emigrated to Canada and then to the USA, is still alive and able to offer positive confirmation of the connections between Rollo Gillespie Burslem, his wife Sophia and the children and grandchildren referred to. Unfortunately, the U.S.A. census returns imply that daughter Flora Sophia Burslem died before 1900 and together with the Wills of Rollo and Emma imply that Lilian was the last surviving grandchild and she, sadly, lost her children in infancy.

Rollo's 1839 Ghuznee Medal was sold in the UK in 2004. It would be very interesting to find out who sold it and of course, who bought it at auction. Anyone interested in what is apparently the Auction Website might be interested in what is believed to be the Auction House Web Address:


Should anyone reading these notes know anything, please put this writer and other interested parties out of our collective misery and offer up the true story of Rollo Gillespie Burslem, his wife Sophia Lee (nee Fowler) and their descendants. Further research by the writer is hoped for. This is also needed for the character Godolphin Finney Burslem

Text presented in Square Brackets, thus [Comment] usually refers to comments placed by the writer. The writer apologises for the confused chronology below. Also, as always, although very carefully checked, sincere apologies for typos and grammatical errors.

1813 Rollo Gillespie Burslem was born on the island of Java where his father, Lt. Col. Nathaniel Burslem was a Commander of British Forces there - further details to be posted. His name "Rollo Gillespie" was derived from the Commander of British Forces, Rollo Gillespie.  
31 Mar 1816 Sophia Fowler, daughter of Thomas Fowler and his wife Maria was baptised at Hambledon, Hampshire - according to Crockfords the parish church is St. Peter & St. Paul. It is about10 miles north of Southsea which appears to be part of Portsmouth. It is believed that this Sophia Fowler was the lady that Rollo Gillespie Burslem married in the year 1851.    [Sophia's father's name corresponds to the name given for her father on the marriage certificate when she married Rollo in 1851 reinforcing the writer's belief that the Sophia of each event were one and the same - GGD]  
December 1817

Ross [surely Rollo] Gillespie accompanies his father Lieutenant Colonel Nathaniel Burslem and his mother and Miss Oliver aboard the ship Europe from Calcutta with John Mills as Captain.

Jim Burslem of Vancouver quoted "The Calcutta Annual Directory of 1818" in regard to this information. Jim also mentioned there were five siblings in total: Francis Henry, George James, Rollo Gillespie, Susan and Anna Marie who died in infancy in India.

Jim also states that Nathaniel fathered another child at East Woodhay. She was also called Anna Maria and her mother was Elizabeth Fidler - naughty Nathaniel? Jim's further researches show that Miss Oliver was Olivia Flora Burslem, only daughter of Col. Burslem who married Rev. D. Dundas, 2nd Son of Captain Dundas RN MP of Barton Court, Hampshire on 13 Feb 1836 at West Woodhay. Jim was unable to find an entry of this event in the West Woodhay Registers.

[As well as the all too common problem with transcriptions, a further point of interest; perhaps one would have expected the marriage to have taken place at St. Martin, East Woodhay, 6 miles from Winchester, as being the parish of her family home, rather than at St. Laurence, West Woodhay even if it is just a few miles north west of East Woodhay - according to Crockford's Clerical Directory - 2008/2009. Unfortunately the marriage occurred before the Sept 1837 advent of Registration. Since Jim Burslem could not find any record of the marriage at West Woodhay, these comments are probably academic. But, who knows? - GGD]

Jim Burslem - Vancouver, Private Communication
Calcutta Annual Directory - 1818
Crockford's Clerical Directory, 2008/09

First Offspring?

Birth of Emily Burslem said to have been in Diamond Harbour, East Indies.

She was declared to be daughter of Rollo Burslem in the 1871 Census return for Salisbury Tower, Windsor where Rollo had been a Military Knight of Windsor since 1870.

[Searching the comprehensive Mormon Family Search website failed to produce evidence of such a birth. It seems that Diamond Harbour is a port for Calcutta as then known and referred to as the East Indies. The 1871 appearance of Emily in an official document is the only one found, so far apart from the baptism entry at St. Mark, Kennington, below].

Date Estimated and location derived from 1871 Census for Rollo Gillespie Burslem's household at Windsor Castle.
25th Aug 1842
First Offspring? Baptised?

Emily Elizabeth Lee was baptised at Kennington St. Mark, Lambeth. Her mother was Sophia Lee but her father was not named. The record states that Emily was born at sea. Could this be the Emily who was recorded as being with Rollo and Sophia at Windsor in the 1871 census return? Was she born on Sophia's return from West Bengal and was Rollo the father? Had Sophia's husband been in the Army in India?

ancestrylibrary.com via Botlon Central Library.
St. Mark's Parish Register
20th Aug 1843
Second Offspring?
At 10 a.m. the Birth at St. James Road, Southsea, of a son Rollo to father, Rollo Burslem BUDDIC and mother, Sophia BUDDIC, formerly FOWLER. Father Rollo declared himself to be a Captain in the 13th Regiment of Foot. Son Rollo was registered by his mother Sophia Buddic of St. James Road, Southsea, on 11th September 1843 in the District of Landport & Southsea in the County of Southampton. Certified Copy from Portsmouth Register Office,
9 Feb 2006

10 Sept 1843
Third Offspring?

At Saint Mary, Portsea, Hampshire, England, Emma Elizabeth Lee was baptised in the presence of her father, Richard Lee and her mother Sophia Fowler. Nowadays, St. Mary is one of more than three churches in Portsea. There appears to be no trace of Emma Elizabeth in the Portsmouth area registers apart from the parish records for St. Mary.

[This leads to the speculation that the Emma Elizabeth Burslem of Rollo's Last Will and Testament was indeed this Emma Elizabeth and probably Rollo and Sophia's natural daughter and their son Rollo's twin sister, by Sophia Lee, later his wife. But, if so, what amazing subterfuge and did Sophia's husband know about this when Emma was being Christened].

LDS - Family Search
27 Feb 1847
Fourth Offspring?
At 6 p.m. the birth of a daughter, Flora Buddie, at Water Works Lane, Landport, in the district of Landport and Southsea, to father Rollo Burslem and mother Sophia Burslem, formerly Lee. Rollo declared himself to be a Captain in the 13th Regiment of Foot and the birth was registered by mother Sophia on 3rd April 1847. Certified Copy from Portsmouth Register Office,
20 July 2005

10 May 1851
Rollo marries

Rollo Burslem and Sophia Lee, both of full age were married at the Parish Church in the Parish of St. Mary, Lambeth, in the County of Surrey. Rollo described himself as bachelor and Officer in the Infantry. Sophia declared herself a widow and they lived at 1 Church Street.

Nathaniel Burslem was Rollo's father and Thomas Fowler, Sophia's. Her father was also described as (dec?)[deceased?] indicating some uncertainty as to whether he was still alive. Each father was described as a Gentleman.

Rollo would have been about 38 years of age and Sophia about 35 years of age. Earlier in the century, Lambeth had been home for Charlotte Godolphin Cobbe, her husband Robert Clay, their son Robert Richard Clay, Surgeon, and Elizabeth Hammond, widow of Charlotte's younger brother, (William) Marshall Godolphin Cobbe Master RN (1785-1820) as shown in the 1841 Census Return. St. Mary, Lambeth was where Robert Richard Clay, Surgeon had been baptised, January 1817.

Certified Photocopy - Central Register Office - 14 February 2006
6 May 1855

Birth of Capt. Godolphin F. Burslem, possibly nephew of Rollo. This birth and relation was confirmed by Rollo at the Old Bailey Trial, discussed below. He is alleged to have had a remarkable military career starting at the Woolwich Military School. He was then involved in many theatres of 19thC conflicts including South Africa and the Zulu Wars up to the battle of Kambula Hill where there were some 35,000 Zulus opposing some 2,500 British. Shortly afterwards he received a leg wound, hospitalisation, discharge and a pension - he seems to have lost the leg. This was followed by service in Egypt. This was in effect denied by Rollo at Capt. Burslem's Old Bailey Trial by his uncle Rollo Gillespie Burslem..

[It appears that Godolphin F(inney) Burslem may have been a con-artist operating under various non-de-plumes, if reports are to be believed, there are certain similarities between the G. F. Burslem of Mowbray's book and the his notorious counterpart, e.g. the cork leg which he lost at and apparently, not after, the battle of Kambula Hill. This matter clearly needs further research - see Old Bailey court case below].

Men of New York, Vol II, Mowbray, New York Press 1898.
1861 Census Rollo G. Burslem, aged 48 years, a farmer of some 112 acres, born in Java, is living in East Woodhay with his wife Sophia, aged 44 years, born in Hambledon, Hants., with son Rollo aged 17, unmarried, born in Portsmouth, with no profession. Mary Ory or Mary Dry, a widow aged 24 years is their servant. 1861 UK Census, www.ancestrylibrary.com
Bolton Lancs., Library

6 Sept 1865
Rollo's dau

Flora Sophia Burslem daughter of Rollo Gillespie Burslem, marries Philip Thomas Wyatt. They declared themselves single with fathers Rollo Gillespie Burslem and Thomas Wyatt at St. Mark, Kennington, Surrey, England LDS - Family Search
7 Feb 1866 Rollo's son Marries Rollo Burslem, son of Rollo Gillespie Burslem, Gentleman, aged 22 years, a bachelor, married Temperance Caroline Buther, daughter of Robert Birchell, Gentleman, aged 48 years, a widow, at the parish Church of St. Mary, Reading. Both had the address, Oxford Street and the witnesses were the grooms sister Flora Sophia Wyatt and her husband Philip Wyatt. [A photocopy of the marriage certificate is in the possession of the writer] Certified copy of Marriage Certificate.
1867 Rollo's Granddaughter Malvina S. Wyatt a daughter for Thomas Wyatt and his wife Flora Sophia Burslem - born at East Woodhey, Berkshire, England. The family were living at Shottesbrook, Berks. Philip was 33 years of age and Flora Sophia was 24 yrs if age. Malvina was 4 years of age 1871 Census
Family Search -LDS
1868 Rollo's Grandson Philip J. H. Wyatt, a son for Thomas Wyatt and his wife Flora Sophia Burslem - born at East Woodhay, Berkshire, England. The family were living at Shottesbrook, Berks. Philip was 33 years of age and Flora Sophia was 24 yrs if age. Philip J. H. Wyatt was 3 years of age 1871 Census Family Search -LDS
1869 Rollo''s Grandson Harry Wyatt, a son for Thomas Wyatt and his wife Flora Sophia Burslem - the family were still living in England 1880 US Census Family Search -LDS
1871 Rollo G. Burslem, Head, aged 58 years, Military Knight of Windsor and late Major 13th Light Infantry, born Java, British Subject; Sophia his wife, aged 55 years born Hambledon, Hants.; daughter Emily aged 29 years, born Diamond Harbour, East Indies - [St. Mark's Parish Register shows an Emily Elizabeth Lee baptised there 25th August 1842,, born at sea Feb 1842 with father a soldier, but unknown]; Rollo, son, married, aged 27 years born Portsmouth, Hants; Susan S. an unmarried niece aged 30 years born Limerick, Ireland - [she was almost certainly the Susan Sarah Burslem who died in an asylum near Salisbury in 1908] - There were 4 visitors, George I Short, an estate agent, his wife Louisa and children George and Alice. 1871 UK Census ancestrylibrary.com - Bolton Central Library
1873 Rollo's Granddaughter Lillian Fanny Cora Wyatt a daughter for Thomas Wyatt and Flora his wife - the family were still living in England. The birth was registered at Cookham, Berkshire, during the December quarter 1873. She would later be Mrs. Lillian Kingman marrying Charles Kingman around 1892 in Buffalo. Buffalo census returns indicate that they were to have some three or four children none of whom survived beyond infancy or childhood. 1880 US Census Family Search -LDS
1874 - 1876 The Wyatt family emigrated to Canada Writer's Conclusion
5 Feb 1876 Rollo's Grandson Sydney Rollo Gillespie Wyatt, a son for Thomas Wyatt and Flora his wife with surname transcribed to Bueslem. The family were living in Guelph Wellington, Ontario. Canada, Births & Baptisms
1876 The Wyatt family had moved from Ontario, Canada to Buffalo, New York State, USA - probably around 1876 , as estimated from later Buffalo census returns.  
1880 The Wyatt family were living in Buffalo, Erie, New York, USA and according to the census return consisted of Philip Wyatt aged 37 years, a Janitor born in England; Flora Wyatt, his wife, aged 29 years also born in England; with children; Malvina a daughter aged 13 years born in England, son Philip [Philip J. H. Wyatt] who was born in England and would have been around 12 years of age is not with the family perhaps with relatives, hopefully, son Harry aged 12 years born in England, daughter Lilly [Lilian Fanny Cora] aged 6 years, born in England and son Sidney (Sidney Rollo Gillespie Wyatt] , aged 4 years, born in Canada 1880 US Census Family Search - LDS Family Search Web Site.
1881 Rollo Gillespie Burslem, aged 68 years, retired Major of Army Governor of Military Knights, born Isles of Java Welter Vreeden; Sophia, his wife, aged 65 years, born Hambledon, Hants; with General Domestic Servant, Emily Sabina Hawkins aged 62 years born Slough,Bucks. Residence was Military Knights Tower, Windsor. 1881 UK Census ancestrylibrary.com - Bolton Central Library
September 1885

Trial of JOHN EDWARD SMITH (52) & GODOLPHIN FINNEY BURSLEM, otherwise the Hon. Captain Godolphin Osborne, otherwise Godolphin Osborne Burslem (29) at the Old Bailey. The charge seems to have been: Unlawfully conspiring to defraud Robert Coulson, and obtaining by false pretences: Rollo Gillespie Burslem gave the non-verbatim evidence and non-verbatim cross examination as follows - the full text of the trial can be seen on Old Bailey Proceedings on Line:

ROLLO GILLESPIE BURSLEM stated "he was a retired Major in the Army, living at Windsor Castle, and that the prisoner Burslem was his nephew Godolphin Finney Burslem born on May 6th, 1855 with proof of his birth. Rollo Gillespie Burslem stated that he did not pay 14l.[£], or 15l.[£], or any sum to King and Co. on his nephew the prisoner's behalf—Rollo further stated that he was not the son of the Duke of Leeds nor any relative, and his name is not Osborne".

Responding, it seems, to MR. BAYLIS's cross examination, Rollo Gillespie Burslem stated; "Mr. Hales, a solicitor, wrote to me once, but I do not know him—I did not write and tell him that the prisoner had good means: 500l. a year—if he says so it is not correct—all my family except the prisoner, have held commissions in the Army and Navy; my brothers were all in the Army, but I have cousins in the Navy—I may have given the prisoner money when he was staying with me as a boy, but never more than 10s.—he was called Godolphin by his family and never Osborne that I am aware of, but I have not seen him half a dozen times since he came from the Cape—he wrote and told me from London that he was a captain in the Egyptian Gendarmerie, but I never heard it from any one but himself". [The, assumed, verbatim testimony, which has been paraphrased above, can be seen in its assumed entirety via this direct link to the case file on-line].

The outcome: Godolphin Finney BURSLEM, was found GUILTY on the first two Counts and punished with Five Years' Penal Servitude. It appears there were other indictments against Burslem.

[This trial took place fairly late in 1885 and it is clearly in conflict with the Mowbray edited account of Godolphin Finney Burslem's exploits in 1885 Buffalo, Erie, New York. Clearly, as mentioned elsewhere in the narratives of this perplexing family, stranger even than fiction, one might say, further research is necessary, perhaps into prison records if available].

Old Bailey Proceedings Online

for the report of the trial

If reaching only the home page, please enter this Reference:

Men of New York, Vol II, Mowbray, New York Press 1898.

1885 Capt. Godolphin F. Burslem settles in Buffalo and in 1887 leased the Prospect Park Hotel, Niagara Falls. As noted above, the Wyatt family could well have been in Buffalo at that time and may well have made the acquaintance of Godolphin F. Burslem. [It appears that Godolphin F(innie) Burslem may have been a con-artist operating under various no-de-plumes, if reports are to be believed as there are certain similarities between the G. F. Burslem of Mowbray's book and the his notorious counterpart, e.g. the cork leg which he lost at and apparently, not after, the battle of Kambula Hill. This clearly needs further research]. Men of New York, Vol II, Mowbray, New York Press 1898.
1890 Cannot find the Wyatt family in the USA 1890 Census with no sight of the children beyond 1880 from the various sources researched. Personal Comment
1891 Rollo G. Burslem, Governor's House, Windsor, aged 78 years, Retired Major in Army, born Java, Asia; his wife Sophia aged 75 years born Hambledon, Hants; with Caroline E Hove, Companion, aged 37 and single born London, Limestreet; Jane M. Hove, a visitor and book-keeper, aged 30, born Walthamstow, Essex; Eliza Howick, general servant, single, aged 20, born Windsor, Bucks; and Harriet Howick, married, aged 56, Charwoman, born Maidenhead, Bucks. 1891 UK Census ancestrylibrary.com - Bolton Central Library
1891 Emma E. Burslem, single, aged 49 years is living at 2, Suffolk Terrace, Christchurch, Bournemouth and states she was born in the East Indies. The address given in Rollo Gillespie Burslem's 1895 Will is 1, Suffolk Terrace - see below. 1891 UK Census ancestrylibrary.com - Bolton Central Library
15 Mar 1891 Rollo's son Rollo dies. Rollo Burslem, a male, a small annuitant formerly of Windsor Castle, died at 47 years of age on the 15th March 1891 at the British Home for Incurables , Clapham, London. The death was registered 17th March 1891. Cause of death was Paralyses, certified by G. P. Rugg MD. [Around 2006/7, the writer attempted to find the Home in Clapham but to no avail - even a group of Police local to Clapham had not set sight on the building - it may have been lost to German bombing during WW2 - GGD] Photocopy from General Registry Office dated 20 Mar 2006

18 July 1891 &
26 March 1896


Sophia, wife of Rollo Gillespie Burslem died 18th July 1891 aged 75 years. Sadly she was alive at the death of her son Rollo on 15 March 1891. Rollo died 26th March 1896 aged 83 years. They are both buried in Windsor Cemetery with Tombstone No. G139. The Inscription, [which may have suffered in transcription which the writer has corrected. "High" should surely be "Light"- a visit to Windsor Cemetery is needed], reads:

Archives & Chapter Library, Windsor Castle. & Copy of death certificate for Rollo (Jnr).

Please see "corrected" grave headstone inscription on this web's
grave pages based on visible parts of the actual inscription and the Archives' transcribed inscription - GGD
3 Jan 2016

Rollo Gillespie Burslem
Major late 13th Prince Albert Light Infantry
And 20 years Governor of the
Military Knights of Windsor
Who fell asleep March 26 1896
Age 83
Also his wife Sophia
Died July 18 1891
Age 75

Capt. Godolphin F. Burslem allegedly moves to New York and becomes involved with Metropolitan Hotel followed in 1891 by entering the publishing business with great success. He then entered the world of finance eventually, up to 1898, incorporating 43 companies with an aggregate capitalization of some $23,000,000. In political circles he polled well in the Republican District for the Democratic Party. [It appears that Godolphin F(innie) Burslem may have been a con-artist operating under various non-de-plumes, if reports are to be believed as there are certain similarities between the G. F. of Mowbray's book andhis hotorious counterpart, e.g. the cork leg which he lost at and apparently, not after, the battle of Kambula Hill. He also had Burslem connections with hotels as steward and with restaurants as manager or owner. This matter clearly needs further research. The poll was carried out and he did win a significant number of votes. G. F. Burslem was described as having never stood for election before, was an insurance agent residing at 134, West Seventy-Second Street & of a party called Tammany, the Republican candidate D. Frank Lloyd, received 6,803 votes and Godolphin F. Burslem, Tam, received 3,333 votes. A very good result!! the corresponding websites are:

http://query.nytimes.com/mem/archive-free/pdf?res=F20711FE385515738DDDA80894D9415B8685F0D3   for the candidates  and

http://query.nytimes.com/mem/archive-free/pdf?res=FA0614FF385515738DDDAD0894D9415B8685F0D3 for the election results ]

"Men of New York", Vol II, Mowbray, Ed, New York Press 1898.

New York Times
1 Nov 1896

New York Times
4 Nov 1896

New York Times
3 July 1901

15 Dec 1889

Capt. Godolphin F. Burslem married Miss Mary Whiteway, of Devonshire England. [Apparently there was a marriage at about this date and this too needs further research - Another New York Times Article regarding Captain Godolphin F Burslem, and please inform and forgive the writer if these slurs on the character of the Captain related within the article are incorrect, is to be found at:

http://query.nytimes.com/mem/archive-free/pdf?res=F10A1FFA3F5B11738DDDAA0894DF405B818CF1D3 for the conviction ]

[As the Mowbray book appears to be out of copyright, it is hoped that an image of the fresh faced Godolphin Finney Burslem, with moustache can be posted on this web site - GGD].

8 Oct 1895 Rollo Gillespie Burslem's Will In his Last Will and Testament, Rollo Gillespie Burslem left the bulk of his possessions, including his father Nathaniel's Gold Medal [apparently the equivalent of a VC] to his daughter Emma Elizabeth Burslem of "Ghizne", 1 Suffolk Terrace, Suffolk Road, West Bournemouth, Hampshire. The Gold Medal was to be given to his nephew John Godolphin Burslem on her death. Rollo G. Burslem's
Will and Probate documents
Copy from Postal Searches, Leeds Probate Registry
November 2012
12 May 1896, Rollo's Will is Proved Rollo Gillespie Burslem of the Governor's Tower, Windsor Castle in the County of Berks a Major on the retired list of Her Majesty's Army, and Governor of the Military Knights of Windsor, who died on 26th March 1896 at the Governor's Tower as above. His will was proved in the district Probate Registry of Her Majesty's High Court of Justice at Oxford and administration granted to the daughter of the deceased, EMMA ELIZABETH BURSLEM of the Governor's Tower, as above, a Spinster, the Daughter of the Deceased and Sole Executrix named in the said Will having been sworn well and faithfully to administer the same, dated 12th May 1896 - Gross value of Personal Estate £203-18 [shillings] - 1 [pence]. It is not known if Rollo had any estate in, for example, entail that would automatically pass to a relative.
8 June 1900

Philip Wyatt - the only reasonable sighting to date gives us Philip Wyatt 60 Years of age with an English birth date of Nov 1839, [three or four years young], he is a Widower and a Candy Store "owner" who entered the USA in 1871 which is somewhat early for the estimated entry date for the Wyatt family. However, the address is 173, Mulberry Street, Buffalo, which is significant. It is the address given for Lilian Fanny Cora Kingman in Emma Elizabeth Burslem's 1906 Will. It appears that Rollo and Sophia's daughter Flora Sophia Wyatt had passed away prior to 1900 . [Further checks are clearly needed with www.ancestrylibrary.com at the local library not being helpful beyond the 1880 Buffalo Census return - it appears that many census returns were lost in a warehouse fire].

USA 1900 Census Buffalo, Eriie, New York - LDS Family Search

Bolton Central Library

8 June 1900 Lilian Kingman aged 28 years and her husband Charles Kingman aged 29 years a harness maker and living at 173, Mulberry Street, Buffalo, New York. It appears from the census return that Lillian had had three children, none of whom survived to 1900.

25 Nov 1906
Emma dies

Emma Elizabeth Burslem died, living at 291 Christchurch Road, Boscombe, Hants., a spinster. The probate record is, London, dated 20 June 1907 with effects to George James Piercy and amounting to £808 15s 6p [£808.77.5p] a considerable sum in those days. [Was she baptised as Emma Elizabeth Lee in Portsea in 1843 and the natural daughter of Rollo Gillespie and Sophia Burslem?]. The stuff of imagination and novels as suggested by James Burslem of Vancouver. Her Will was proved 20th June 1907 with main beneficiary being her niece; Lillian Fanny Cora Kingman of 173, Mulberry Street, Buffalo, Eirie, New York - the Lilian Kingman of the 1900 Buffalo, New York, Census Return, above. Other items were left to her cousin John Godolphin Burslem - the family oil paintings and sword [no mention of Nathaniel Burslem's Gold Medal]; and the furniture, plate and effects to her nurse and maid Harriet Helen Bartlett for her faithful service.. www.ancestrylibrary.com
Bolton Lancs., Library Leeds Probate Registry
LS1 2BA Jan/Feb 2013
25 Apr 1910 Lilian Kingman aged 36 years with her husband Charles Kingman aged 39 years. Lillian is a teacher in a private school and Charles is a Retail Merchant with a Grocery and Confectionary Store. It is possible that he may have taken over his father-in-law's business. It appears that Phillip Wyatt had died sometime between 1900 and 1910. Here it is stated that Lillian had given birth to one child who is no longer alive - this is in conflict with the 1900 census return which states that Lillian had had 3 children with not one surviving.

Bolton Lancs., Library - 1910 U.S.A. Census

7 Jan 1920 Lilian Kingman aged 46 years and her husband Charles, aged 49 years still living at 173 Mulberry Street, Buffalo, Erie, New York but now, it seems, owning the property with a mortgage. Charles is still a store keeper without details but Lillian is no longer a teacher. www.ancestrylibrary.com
Bolton Lancs., Library - 1920 U.S.A. Census
8 Apr 1930 Charles Kingman a widower aged 59 years, lives in Mulberry Street but at No.177 instead of No. 173 and as a boarder and widower without an occupation. His age and his mother's German birth agree with at least two previous census returns so, the writer believes that this Charles Kingman had Lilian Fanny Cora Wyatt as his wife who appears to have died before 1930. It is here assumed that Charles Kingman is retired. www.ancestrylibrary.com
Bolton Lancs., Library - 1930 U.S.A. Census

The search for Lilian and her siblings and their offsprings continues, as does the search for the death dates for their parents Flora Sophia and Philip Wyatt.
The writer would also dearly love to obtain birth, marriage, death and career information on the Wyatt Children. He also hopes to discover a source
corresponding to the UK's St. Catherine's House Index for B M & Deaths which is searchable on www.ancestrylibrary.com and to an improving extent on
the most excellent and valuable site:

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